Episode #71: Longing to Be with Luna Grace Isbell-Love

Luna Grace Isbell-Love is someone who has been in my orbit for a while. You’ll hear at the beginning of the interview that I invited her on the Belonging Podcast and she said, “Yes! I’ve been waiting for this.” Luna is a truth-telling, shadow-walking, trauma-informed, nervous system exploring woman of devotion. Her work lies at the intersection of exploring what it means to be both human and holy, welcoming the full spectrum of life: the agony, the ecstasy, and everything in between. Luna is devoted to social justice advocacy, working primarily with the addiction recovery and incarcerated communities, through the integration of council work, spiritual psychology principles, and restorative justice practices.

In this episode, Luna shares how she works with the ceremony of drinking tea as a ritual for beginning each day, we talk about how we all have the same mother tongue of earthspeak, and she reframes belonging as “longing to be” as a way of asking ourselves what we long for in order to remember that we belong. Luna shares her connection to her ancestors and growing up in a multi-generational Sicilian Brooklyn household and how we can connect to the ancestors through food. We talk about stopping the war inside of ourselves to stop the harm of whiteness, how grief and death are tools for allyship and resilience, and how busy hands calm the mind.

“Grief for me has been a liberator. It has shed the false identities of self that are not me.” -Luna Grace Isbell-Love


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