It takes a deep initiation of need for care to get you to shed the layers of hyper individualism and show up as the village. In today’s episode, I get fired up about why the ones who are showing up and arriving on the doorstep with the soup are often the caregivers with a limited capacity themselves. I talk about my own journey with asking for and receiving support, experiencing the power of circle and council and navigating anger and cynicism along the way.

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– Caregivers with less capacity being the ones who show up

  • How it takes a deep initiation of need, usually having a child or experiencing a major loss or illness, to get you to this place
  • Releasing the fog of hyper individualism
  • How we need to replenish as keepers of the well
  • Resisting the urge to become cynical
  • Weaving yourself into the mission

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[0:00] Introduction

[5:41] Initiation into Caregiving and Kinkeeping

[7:35] The Myth of Hyper Individualism

[8:36] Those Who Show Up for the Village are the Ones with the Least Capacity

[9:56] The Bottomless Pit of Need

[12:12] Creating Community and Circle

[16:48] Replenishing Yourself as Keeper of the Well

[18:26] Navigating Cynicism and Anger when Feeling Unsupported

[20:52] Weaving Yourself into the Mission

[21:20] Beheld Council Invitation

[23:05] Next Episode Preview

Episode #126: Living In The Bottomless Pit Of Need

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