Welcome to Belonging, a podcast that explores how to come home to yourself in the age of loneliness. Hosted and guided by Becca Piastrelli on a journey of courageous reconnection as we explore topics like ancestral wisdom, cultivating meaningful sisterhood, living with the seasons and cycles of the earth and your body, and what it means to be a good ancestor.

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Episode #11: Cultivate a Meaningful Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, so in this episode of Belonging, I’m talking about cultivating a more meaningful relationship with the winter holidays. This is the time of year when seasonally and energetically we really want to go within. But often we feel pressured,...

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Episode #10: Ancestral Connection through Folkways

We've talked about tracing ancestry through DNA, we've talked about non-linear ancestral time, and we've talked about ways to connect to your ancestry through pilgrimage and exploring the lands they came from or settled on. Now in this episode, let's explore the ways...

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Episode #9: Choosing the Journey of Decolonization

Today's topic is an important one and may bring up feelings of discomfort, but I'm asking you to trust me. We're going to dig into what decolonization is and how you can examine your own part in the story of colonization, the part your ancestors may have played in...

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Episode #8: Ancestral Connection beyond the DNA test

When it comes to connecting with your ancestors, you can do a lot deeper than mapping your genealogy or taking a DNA test. In this episode of Belonging, I'm digging into the why being able to map genealogy comes from an immense place of privilege, the beauty of making...

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Episode #7: Embracing Ancestral Time

Let's take a moment to step aside from our linear lives and explore the spiralic, healing nature of ancestral time. In this episode, I'm digging into our timeless connection to our ancestors and how in doing so, our lives are very much still entwined with those who...

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Episode #6: The Importance of Intergenerational Sisterhood

When it comes to belonging and creating circles of sisterhood, we tend to gravitate toward spaces of sameness, so in today's Belonging episode, let's talk about creating intergenerational sisterhood. It's important to diversify your circles to get different and new...

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Episode #5: Seasonal Self-Care

Let's talk about seasonal self-care and living seasonally! Life for our ancestors was dictated by the seasons, so aligning ourselves with the seasons now might feel familiar in our bones. Today we're honing in on this transition point between Summer and Autumn and how...

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Episode #4: Productivity & Focus in a Distracting World

We are living in the most distracting of times, so let's talk about productivity and focus. But first, let's go back to the Industrial Revolution where we learned the mindset that quantity is better than quality, and where our value of how much we can output in a...

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Episode #3 Self-Care: The Key to Knowing Ourselves

Let's talk about self-care. It seems like a buzzword these days, but it's so important because this is the key to knowing ourselves and coming home to ourselves. Self-care is your birthright, so today we're talking about self-care—not as a fancy spa-like image you...

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