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A podcast that explores being alive in the age of loneliness.

Becca Piastrelli is your host and guide on a journey of courageous reconnection as we explore topics like cultivating meaningful community, living with the seasons and cycles of the earth and your body, and leaving a thriving, regenerative legacy in these modern times.

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Lastest Episodes

In today’s episode, I am joined by my friend Amelia Hruby. Amelia is a feminist author, educator, podcaster and founder of Softer Sounds podcast studio (who used to edit this podcast too!). I brought her onto the podcast today specifically because of her amazing podcast ‘Off the Grid’, which is a podcast for small business […]

In today’s episode, I am joined by my dear friend Ginny Muir to talk about the longing for deep intimacy, the importance of healing in relationships, navigating rupture and repair in community and circle specifically. Ginny is an incredible spaceholder, medicine woman, witch, tantrika and so much more. Specifically, she has an incredible way of […]

A year ago, I almost completely gave up on my work. Emerging from the early years of motherhood and feeling my creative spark again, I felt motivated to get back into the deeper aspects of my sacred work. So, in a flash of creative impulse, I announced a new program to the world in the […]

In today’s episode, I am joined by Becca Rich – a trauma-sensitive, certified holistic coach with a background in engineering and mindfulness, who teaches Holistic Time Management. In today’s episode, she shares with us her wisdom on the meaning of time, the role of control, how we can honor the cyclical nature of our bodies […]

A lot has occurred for me in 2023 – as I think is true for every year, but perhaps this time around it is a little more visible and this is probably why I received the beautiful question of the lessons I’ve learned this past year. So, I am using the reflective energy of the […]

Summer feels like a ripe tomato — the peak fullness of the season where so much is revealed as the light of the sun shines down on us all. In this episode, I complete my series of ancestral rituals for each season, with reflections on summer. I share why summer is a season of work […]

If you’re curious about what village life is like beyond the picture-perfect cottage-core images on Instagram, today’s conversation is for you. In this episode, Sarah Wildeman and I delve into a topic near and dear to my heart — revillaging and community-centered living. Sarah is a leadership & relationship dynamics coach, community-builder, and founder of […]

  Living in capitalism while not being consumed by it can feel overwhelming and confusing. Today, I’m joined by Bear Hebert (they/them), a feminist and anti-capitalist business coach who helps small business people (and other beloved weirdos) figure out how to build the world-yet-to-come inside the world-that-currently-is. Together, we discuss making space for grieving our […]

If you want more powerful, matriarchal inspired, healing community in your life, this episode is for you. I’ve been circling for over a decade, but it’s been a while since I’ve talked about the practice of Circle on the podcast. So in this episode, I share what it means to practice Circle — including what […]

If you daydream about purchasing land and relocating to a tiny town far from city life, this episode is the gentle invitation and reality-check you need before taking the leap. Today I’m joined by Alissa Hessler, an author, podcast host, and former corporate tech employee who left the big city to move to a rural […]

  If you’ve ever felt disconnected from or unworthy in your body, this episode is for you. Today, I’m joined by Hannah Husband for a discussion on our relationships to our bodies and movement. Together we channel childlike curiosity about the ways we like to move. And we unpack how diet culture and the wellness […]

This week I’m thrilled to have Mara Glatzel back on Belonging to celebrate her upcoming book, Needy: How to Advocate for Your Needs and Claim Your Sovereignty. In this conversation, we discuss how to to connect with our needs, respect our wants, and let go of the fear that having needs makes us undesirable. We […]

If you crave or cherish brave connection with your community, your ancestors, and yourself, this episode is for you. Trevia Woods is a mixed-race woman with Indigenous ancestors who has two decades of experience in bodywork, education and community-building. She has roots in the Midwest and Colorado, after traveling the world finds herself back in […]

If you have a long-held dream (or even the quietest whisper of a thought) that you want to live on and with the land, this episode is for you. Hillarie Maddox is the founder of Black Girl Country Living and creator of Rewilding Workshops. In 2020, she and her family left the city for the […]

Waverly Davis a multidimensional twin mama, facilitator of sacred spaces + sounds, artist, and podcaster residing outside of Charlottesville, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains on unceded Monacan territory. In this episode, we discuss how we incorporate the sacred into motherhood by embedding rituals into our daily lives and threshold moments. Waverly also shares her […]