Episode #2: Courage to Fail

Today we’re examining failure and our aversion to failure as a way to dismantle capitalism and patriarchy in our society. Failure helps us learn, but we’re so afraid of failing that it’s created a system of lying. So instead, we’re looking at how we can create cooperation, collaboration, and community.

“The more we resist looking at the ways we’ve ‘failed,’ the more we’re perpetuating a culture of perfectionism.”


  • Hearthfire
  • “Cocky” comes from 16th century English, originally meaning “lecherous,” and referring to the showy ways and strutting of a male bird
  • Garden State

I would love to hear from you!

How has failure been a teacher for you? How has failure helped you along your journey?


Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

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