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A podcast that explores being alive in the age of loneliness.

Becca Piastrelli is your host and guide on a journey of courageous reconnection as we explore topics like cultivating meaningful community, living with the seasons and cycles of the earth and your body, and leaving a thriving, regenerative legacy in these modern times.

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Lastest Episodes

Home is very important to me. Sure, I like to get out into the world to learn and connect and get my extrovert on, but at my core, I am an earth mama who really appreciates a cozy space to help me feel grounded. After living many years in a 100-year-old cottage, we recently bought […]

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a handful of conversations with friends who have described the energy of the past week as overwhelming, rollercoaster-y, and unnerving. Beyond the obvious indicators of upheaval and strife that are hitting the news headlines every.single.day (I know…it’s exhausting and deeply frustrating), there’s a greater energy at play […]

I’m constantly reminding myself to lift my head from my laptop or smartphone (or juicy fantasy fiction book) and look to what’s happening in the natural world for guidance and clarity. It can be so tempting to allow school schedules, work deadlines, and the mandates of the Gregorian calendar run the show that is our […]

I’m often asked for some sort of specific how-to for the way I walk in the world. They want the step-by-step recipe, the blueprint, or the link to buy the book that will tell them the path and the steps you must take in order to embody a sacred and meaningful life. And I have […]

As I journey deeper into the ancestral traditions of the women of my lineage, I feel all the more connected to my own body. I often look at my hands with such awe and reverence for what they are capable of and how all the women that came before me are helping to guide them […]

Before we get into Autumn head wreath making fun, I want to share a few thoughts on sacred adornment with you. I used to translate dress for success to mean dress how the conventional world typically views a “successful woman”. To me, that meant boxy clothes in drab colors that didn’t flatter my curvy body […]

Tracking the cycles of the moon within my own body has been a beautiful experience for me. Over the past few years, I’ve been on a journey of getting more closely aligned with nature, la luna in the sky, and the wisdom of my own body. The results of which have brought me so much […]

EDIT: Since writing this post, I have educated myself on the origins of this practice of smoke cleansing and how to approach it with more integrity and less cultural appropriation. You can learn more here.  Ever since I came across a basket of beautiful wildcrafted smoke cleansing bundles in an apothecary in Colorado, I have […]

Summer is the season of bare feet and sandals. If it were up to me, I would be barefoot all summer long. Just imagining putting my bare feet in the cool grass is enough to calm my entire nervous system and have me wanting to gaze at the clouds after an afternoon picnic. Because we […]

Can you feel it coming? Summer, I mean. Depending on where you live, it might be super hot and summery already or you’re finally enjoying the spring weather and you’ve got a few more weeks before summer really hits. Either way, I think we can all agree that it’s warming up and, with that, our […]

Can you feel summer peeking its sunny little head around the corner each morning and evening? It’s like, with each extra minute of light we get, the promise of summer’s playfulness and joy grows stronger in our bellies. I find myself yearning for iced drinks in fancy glasses and picnic blankets on sweet smelling grass. […]

Dark chocolate. You know it, you love it, you gotta have it. Did you know you can easily melt dark chocolate and infuse it with beautiful herbal flavors like black tea, rose, and coconut? Making chocolate bark may become my new addiction because, after making these 2 batches, I thought up at least 5 new […]

This is one of those dabbles that made me feel all giddy from head to toe. I mean, using vegetables to dye easter eggs and using plants and flowers to decorate them. Just so completely lovely sweet. When I sat down to decorate my eggs, I tried several different ways. The first way was by […]

We live near the forest now – a forest of redwood trees. We step out our front door and out the green gated entrance to our cottage, walk about 200 feet and we are under a canopy of beautiful, old trees with soft gentle bark and deep, grounded roots. I recently went on an herb […]

I’m learning more and more about the evolution of our lives and the development of our belief systems. I get frustrated when we humans (myself included) feel the need to identify ourselves as one type of individual, as if we will be that person for the rest of our lives. I’m a democrat. I’m a vegetarian. I’m a […]

I discovered the beauty of rose water in my Friday evening yoga class. It comes at the end of the class when we’ve vinyasa’d the funk of the week out of our bodies and are resting in savasana. That’s when the teacher would gingerly walk around spraying a rose water concoction over our limp bodies. […]

This has been my go-to edible gift for the holidays 5 years in a row now. I know I’ve shared a chai recipe on the blog before, but this is one special recipe. The candied ginger with the fragrant spices makes for a sweet and spicy creamy chai treat. The pink peppercorns give that extra […]