Autumn is the season of making {+ beeswax candle dipping}

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a handful of conversations with friends who have described the energy of the past week as overwhelming, rollercoaster-y, and unnerving.

Beyond the obvious indicators of upheaval and strife that are hitting the news headlines (I know…it’s exhausting and deeply frustrating), there’s a greater energy at play as we move into the later days of autumn here in the northern hemisphere.

The energy is moving from the last burst of harvest to a descent towards winter. What we are seeing in the leaves of the trees with their bright colors bursting before they wither and fall away—

Traditionally, this was the time of the final harvest—a race to get everything done before winter’s frost comes.

It was about gathering everything from the fields and gardens, drying, preserving, pickling, canning, and filling the pantry to the brim. All of this was imperative to surviving winter until spring came ‘round again.

This was a season of hard work and transition—requiring you to be aware of your energy during a time of year when energy wants to conserve. It’s important to stash some away alongside your food and candles and firewood. Because, if you run yourself ragged, you’ll crash hard into winter. And in modern day, that means getting sick over the holidays, being grumpy at parties, and numbing out on food and alcohol.

It makes sense that you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and rushed right now.  My invitation to you is to channel that hectic, crazy energy into your hands by creating.

Bust out your mason jars and get to pickling and preserving, or grab your knitting needles and get started on a scarf, or bust out the elderberries and rosehips and make yourself an immune supporting syrup. It’s ancestrally and seasonally aligned to be making right now.

The other night, I couldn’t deny an urge to make some beeswax dipped candles. I’ve been thinking a lot about how my ancestors felt during this increasingly darker days and realizing how important it was to make candles this time of year. The process isn’t quick, but if I allow myself to slow down and get into a meditative state (with tea and good music), the joy floods in.

I plan on dipping them all autumn long and giving them as holiday gifts in my famous solstice gift baskets.

If you want to join me in candle dipping, there are plenty of tutorials out there on the ‘net and Pinterest. I have a bunch of beeswax (that I got from a local beekeeper at my farmer’s market) that I melted in a double boiler over the stove. Then I cut woven candle wick in 12-inch pieces and tied washers to the bottom of each end to weigh them down. I dip each of them in the melted wax and then in a pot of cold water and hang them on a clothes hanger to cool a bit before dipping it again to add a layer (if you dip too fast, it’ll melt the previous layer and then you won’t get anywhere). After a few dips and it feels straight enough, I cut off the washer at the bottom and use my hand to mold the warm wax into a rounded end.

Magic Tip: As you’re dipping the candles in the wax, infuse intentions and blessings with each dip. Thinking about what this candle represents and how it’s energy will permeate the space where it will be lit. I was thinking about being the light in the dark—casting shadows and finding beauty in the mysteries. May all who come in contact with these candles feel the ancestral curiosity that brought me to making them.

Now I want to hear from you!

What are you making this autumn? How are you feeling right now and what are you doing to ease into these darker days? What have you harvested?

Let me know in the comments below.

Autumn is the season of making {+ beeswax candle dipping}

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