Making a Spring Equinox Altar

This week, I’m trying out doing solo video for my post. In the spirit of spring’s new energy, I was in the mood to try something new in my desire to connect more deeply with you here. I’d love to know what you think (leave a comment and let me know).

Last week I talked about how moving from one season to another is a pretty big deal, and the shift to spring from winter usually feels pretty intense.

Something I feel like our modern society really misses out on is our very real need to honor and mark life’s transitions (however major or minor they may seem) with ritual. When we don’t pause to see the ways we are transforming and growing through the cycles of nature and the lives we are living, we miss out on the magic (not to mention we often are left with that nagging existential ache of not being grounded in a meaningful existence…just that, no big deal).

Tomorrow (March 20th) marks the great balance of day and night with the spring (or vernal) equinox. This was a very major moment in the wheel of the year for our ancestors – an opportunity for them to mark the movement out of winter and into spring – the season of new life and a sign they can begin planting their fields and pray for an abundant harvest, come fall.

But in the spirit of transparency and magic, I wanted to answer a question I get from time to time by my woo-curious friends and followers of folk magic.

How do I make an altar?

So I took the opportunity to share how I made mine for the upcoming spring equinox and hopefully give you a bit of inspiration and courage to create a sacred altar of your own.

Click play below to check it out:

A bit of what I share:

1:05 – The hard transition from winter to spring and tuning into what our ancestors went through this time of year that may still be resonating in our systems and bodies

4:12 – The theme of resurrection and rebirth of this time of year that was felt by our ancestors long before the story of Jesus, the relief of growth of new life after a time of hibernation and quiet.

6:05 – The importance of pausing and honoring the great balance of light and dark on the upcoming spring equinox.

8:04 – Folklore and history of worshipping eggs this time of year (including the origin of the egg hunt).

8:43 – The Celtic spring goddess Ostara (pictured below) and the saxon goddess Eostre who represent feminine energy of fertility and the miracle of life, anew.

11:40 – What an altar is and how to infuse intention into yours in your home space to greet the spring and plant seeds and intentions for this year.

12:45 – Bringing nature into your home and honoring what your land is doing in this moment on the wheel of the year with flowers and greenery.

14:30 – Adding in seeds you are going to plant as a prayer of growth.

15:40 – Adding in eggs (here’s a post on how to dye eggs naturally this spring and here is a mold to make your own beeswax egg candle).

16:30 – Adding in something to represent balance of light and shadow or day and night (I use a candle, whose flame reminds me that I’m never alone).

17:53 – My friend Ash’s Sacred Altar Spray

19:41 – Remembering our ancestral need to honor the seasonal changes in our bodies, our communities, our land, and our spirits.

Celtic Spring Goddess Ostara

Celtic Spring Goddess Ostara painting credit: unknown

I’d love to hear from you!

How are you honoring the spring equinox? Have you built an altar? I’d love to see it. Share in the comments below.

Making a Spring Equinox Altar

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