Allowing Spring

Moving from one season to another is kind of a big deal when you really think about it.

For winter to transform into spring, a lot of shifts need to happen in the soil, with the temperature of the air, the little signals every microorganism gives each other, the way the animals migrate, and how the plants respond to various stimuli. It’s a major thing and somehow…every year… all those little and big things occur to bring us spring.

It’s never overnight, it usually doesn’t go according to plan, and it’s rarely ever linear. But, eventually, when the flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing and the seeds are sprouting, you know you’ve made it.

A few people around me have characterized this transition as subtle, but this year the seasonal shift is feeling particularly intense in my whole system.

After a winter of embracing hibernation more than ever (it gets easier over time the more you intend it, I promise), I’ve found myself wanting to stay cocooned in a bit longer. And, after years of usually rushing into spring a bit too early and crashing by getting sick or super overwhelmed or having a total meltdown and needing to go on vacation as soon as March rolls around, I’m loving this slow jam into springtime.

But where I’ve still noticed myself feeling resistance is with my creativity.

I’m so used to being Becca, the Creative Girl. I’m the one with the ideas, the projects, the wisdom on working with your hands.

But, over the past winter months, I’ve been a tired, little hibernating bear.

I’ve been sleeping, I’ve been playing with my cats, I’ve been having tea with girlfriends, I’ve been writing, I’ve been reading, I’ve been watching a lot of historical British television (Poldark, Victoria, The Crown, and Upstairs Downstairs, in case you were wondering).

I haven’t had a lot of new creative ideas or projects floating into my vision quite like I’m used to around, say, spring and fall.

I know this about myself, but it’s interesting how the old programming of a patriarchal, capitalist society that wants to be super on all the time still sneaks its way into my consciousness.

A few times over the past winter months, I’ve become exasperated with my dry creative well and have tried to force it by sitting down in front of a sheet of paper or my laptop…but that rarely works.

When it comes to my best and most inspired ideas, I’ve gotta be patient, take care of myself, and wait for the seasonal shifts to allow my creative wisdom to flow once again.

The river of creative inspiration has been frozen for a bit, but it has started to thaw and flow once again. The urge to create and express is alive in my bones, and I am gently allowing my hands to move once more.

I like to remember that our ancestors were super tuned into the seasons—way more than we are today.

Understanding the subtlety of the seasons was important for their land, for their bodies, for their work, and for the creative expression. It was a pure necessity in a time without electricity and clocks and Amazon Prime. But even with all our modern day riches (for which I, for one, am very, very grateful), we are missing out on so much by not aligning our energy and lives the seasons the way our people once did.

I believe we can work through a lot of our overwhelm and stress by tuning into the seasons, particularly in this massive shift from winter to spring.

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