Lessons in Social Media Boundaries

In this episode, I asked my friend Julie Santiago to interview me about my very recent decisions about social media and the role of Facebook and Instagram—particularly as it relates to my work. We talk about my recent decision to close a program I’ve been running for the past four years and what that has taught me and given way to in terms of the way we engage online.

I wanted to give the real deal details of what I’ve been experiencing and thinking about, and I knew Julie would be the perfect person to help me share that. She herself had made the decision to close a Facebook group with over 40,000 people in it—and we definitely get into that as well. Plus, we’re sharing ideas of what meaningful connection on social media could look like if we take a moment to slow the scroll and build more intentionality into what it is we’re actually looking for when we pick up our phones.

“What we’re really longing for in the experience of connecting through social media is we’re longing to be seen, we’re longing to belong, and we’re longing to be connected.” -Julie Santiago



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Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

Episode #35: Lessons in Social Media Boundaries with Julie Santiago

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