How to work with the moon

The moon is the ancient timekeeper of the year, and it mirrors the cyclical nature that we as humans move through—energetically, emotionally, hormonally, seasonally. It’s so powerful to tune into the cycle of the moon. So I’m sharing how I work with the moon—both how she works in folk magic, but also how I see her reflected within myself.

“The moon—the ancient timekeeper, the ruler of tides and emotions, the one who is constantly transforming—is for all of us.”



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The moon is for every body. The moon is for all genders. The moon is for those of us who identify as men, for those of us who identify as womxn, for those of us who identify as trans, for those of us who identify as non-binary. If we get our periods the moon is for us. If we don’t get our periods the moon is for us. No matter what body parts we do and do not have, the moon is for us! The moons’ pronouns are whatever you choose, the moon isn’t picky or attached like that. There have been feminine moon goddesses and masculine moon gods and larger lunar energy that exists beyond gender (phew!) . When we say only some ppl have access to the realm of the moon we are enacting social hierarchies that are false constructs. We all bathe in moonlight. We can all connect to lunar energy. The moon is a gateway to our intuition, our emotional intelligence, our bodies, our knowings, and our subconscious and we all possess this magic. . You can be whatever you want & the moon can still help you, still guide you, still bring you back to yourself. The moon is for every body!

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What are your moon practices? Is there a certain moon phase that you feel especially fond of?


Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

Episode #18: How to Work with the Phases of the Moon

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