Moon Gardening Erin Duffy Osswald

Grandmother moon and the plants—these are a few of my favorite things.

I consider myself to be a seeker on the path who respects the great mystery held in the cycles of the moon and the spirits of the plants. I know it’ll be a lifetime of dancing with their magic and integrating their wisdom into my life.

The moon and I have a relationship, but there is still so much she has yet to share with me. And my garden? Each year, there are lessons to be harvested from the great losses, unexpected surprises, and joyful moments of gratitude that come with tending to one’s own plants.

“Remember that birthright of your natural wisdom is all around you. Look up at that grandmother moon and remember: those moon rays are for you to get in touch with that sacred knowing and sacred wisdom.” -Erin Duffy Osswald

My friend Erin Duffy Osswald has a saying, that most people are planters, not gardeners.

We love the newness of planting a seed and watching it sprout and grow (the miracle of that experience feels fresh and new with each planting season), but that we are less devoted to the practice of tending to our plants and seeing them through harvest. Well, ain’t that a metaphor for life…

Erin is a certified Earth Medicine Practitioner and hedgewitch (which she defines in this episode) living in the northern lands of Great Falls, Montana. She has lived most of her life guided by Grandmother Moon, making it a devotional practice she incorporates into everything from the mundane to the deeply magical.

So I invited her on the Belonging podcast to talk more about her devotional lunar practice, including the way she incorporates it into her garden every year. Erin has so much wisdom to share about moon gardening. As a hobby gardener myself, I can’t wait to put what she shared into practice this coming growing season.

Gardening can be such a spiritually healing practice, and connect us to the land in deep ways. To engage with the magic of the moon with the fertility of the land is a way to feel a deeper sense of belonging.


More from Erin Duffy Osswald:

Do you have a devotional lunar practice? Are you excited to incorporate it into your gardening practice this season?


Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

Episode #23: Moon Gardening with Erin Duffy Osswald

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