My Meditation Journey

Today’s episode of Belonging is a solo episode where I’m sharing my meditation journey! Meditation is something that has come in and out of my life throughout my journey of belonging. I don’t consider myself a “master meditator” by any means, but lately, it’s something that’s felt really strong in my practice.

So, I’m sharing the meditation practices and tools that have worked for me, plus a guided meditation that you can do right now.

“Meditation fuels my own expansion and rising.”


  • Calm is the meditation app I really love and use
  • Headspace is another meditation app that I don’t personally love, but I know a lot of people do
  • I sometimes lead meditation and visualization in Hearthfire, my virtual healing & support space for womxn on the path to belonging
  • TEDTalk by Joseph Gordon-Levitt on getting attention vs. paying attention

Do you have a meditation practice or favorite meditation modality?

Share in the comments below!


Credit for the phrase “be a good ancestor” goes to Arianna of Quw’utsun’ Made

Episode #38: My Journey with Meditation

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