Belonging, Cultural Reparations & Lineage

I am seriously bursting to share this latest video interview with you.

Darla Antoine came to me a few months back identifying as both a First Nations Okanagan Tribal Member and as a descendant of Celtic ancestors, offering up her expertise in ancestral healing work through food and a sense of place.

Being a woman of European ancestry with the same passions, I knew Darla would have so much to share in ways I could never possibly see or experience, so I was thrilled to hop on a call with her and listen alongside you.

Darla Antoine

I invited Darla to share her powerful origin story and her experience of being descended from both an oppressed culture and that of the oppressor (she is literally descended from known Indian killer Kit Carson).

Together, we wove through a conversation about humanity’s deep craving to belong, what it means to take part in cultural reparations, her grief over being the end of her lineage, how she connects with her ancestors over food, and so much more. This conversation is juicy!

To join us in our little chat, click play below:

A bit of what we talked about:

1:40 - Darla’s origin story of being descended from both indigenous and European ancestors

6:45 - How she defines cultural reparations and evening out the exchange between cultures

9:22 - The misinformation Darla sees being circulated about native peoples in the U.S.

10:45 - How Darla has grown up in confusion around her identity and to what she belonged

15:30 - Why Darla laughs when white people say they don’t have any culture

19:34 - On how marrying a white man (and having two white sons) means the end of a lineage

29:30 - What Darla sees as some of the culturally insensitive or appropriative things being done in spiritual communities as a misplaced desire to belong

36:35 - We discuss the use of the word “aho” in ritual and ceremony by white people

40:00 - How connecting with the foods of your ancestors can be a tool for belonging

47:00 - Darla’s quick tips for reading a recipe to learn more about the woman behind it

Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom with us, Darla!

If you’d like to connect with her amazing work on ancestral healing and food connection, please check her out:

Her website is

Follow her on Instagram @darlaantoine.

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Belonging, Cultural Reparations & Lineage

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