I’ll never forget the day it *clicked* on all levels of my being…

My 28 year old self stood on the back balcony of her third floor walk-up apartment, looking at the nighttime sky and realized that the moon—the one that waxes and wanes through her cycle every 28 days and guides the ocean tides—that same moon in the big beautiful sky above me was also living within me.

It felt like the biggest magical secret that has been right before my very eyes this whole time.

I, as a woman, cycle along with the phases of the moon. And, the more I’ve been able to tune into my own cycles by mapping them back to the lunar phases and the seasons, the more deeply I have been able to feel at home within myself.

We are often raised in a culture that is embarrassed to talk about women’s bodies—especially the part where we bleed once a month.

This rejection of the most natural (and exquisitely designed) part of living on earth as a woman has led to many of us feeling repulsed by the topic and shaming ourselves for needing to bleed at all. I, myself, was thrilled to be on a birth control for years that eliminated my period altogether. I was a modern woman who was liberated by not having to deal with the crampy mess that got in the way of my ambition and long to-do list.

I now see each time I bleed as a sacred completion to a cycle that is as beautiful as the phases of the moon or the seasons of the year.

Last week, I picked up my watercolor paints and felt called to illustrate this sacred cycle (within other sacred cycles). If you are visual like me this will help you feel more into the magic and truth of your connection to it.

Using this visual, I’m going to break down the 4 phases of your cycle alongside the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year:

Winter –  at the 12 o’clock position – New or Dark Moon




This is the bleeding time of menstruation. It contains the energy of the sage, the wise woman, the crone. It is a time when you are naturally passive and inward focused. Creativity typically comes from a place of quiet introspection and your subconscious intuition is potent (you’re psychic!).

In your winter time, you are aligned with setting intentions, reviewing what’s working and what’s not, and being quietly receptive to wisdom and downloads from spirit or your higher self.

Spring –  at the 3 o’clock position – Waxing Moon



This is the follicular stage—post bleed in your cycle. It holds the energy of the maiden or the virgin. It is a time of building and awakening energy.

In your springtime, you are aligned with concentration and stamina. It’s a great time to think more structurally and move your body to gain clarity.

Summer –  at the 6 o’clock position – Full Moon




This is the stage of ovulation—when you are fertile and able to become pregnant but also when you are your most magnetic. It carries with it the energy of the mother—full as the moon.

In your summertime, You are expressive, vibrant, and more likely to be outgoing. You have an outward focus with your creativity. It is the best time for communication, working with teams, and cultivating meaningful relationships.

Autumn –  at the 9 o’clock position – Waning Moon




This is the luteal phase of your cycle—the one that can come with some uncomfortable symptoms like PMS. It holds the energy of the enchantress of the wild woman.

In your Autumn, you’ll notice a gradual increase in subconscious and intuitive awareness as your energy begins to decline. You’ll be more apt to think outside of the box and have moments of inspired creativity. This is a great time for problem-solving and emboldened assertiveness.

I want to be clear that nothing is wrong with you if you do not cycle exactly with this timeline.

We live in a world obsessed with perfection, and to color outside of the lines feels scary and like you don’t belong. You belong by simply being, sister. I have many friends with conditions like PCOS or have had to have their ovaries removed or have moved through menopause and they still connect to their cycles in a deep and meaningful way.

You still have a cycle, and this approach will have value for you.

I, myself, am not cycling on this schedule right now.

I have been bleeding with the full moon ever since I miscarried on a full moon several months ago. So even though energy should be bright and summery, I find I am quite reclusive and inward facing during that time. But new moon….holy cow! I am bright and sparkling while many are feeling their inner winter.

When we tune into the natural cycles of our bodies and see that they are innately connected to the seasons and cycles of this gorgeous, life-giving planet we live in, we see just how sacred and powerful our bodies are. We remember that we belong to something so much greater than ourselves. We are sacred beings.

Take a look at the graphics and try to identify which phase you are in. Are you in your spring? Are you the enchantress wild woman? Have you been in a long winter?

Share in the comments below!

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