Finding Harmony

If you’re like me, you hit the ground running soon after the clock struck 2016.

That first week of January, I went after it. I had a head full of dreams, plans, visions, and resolutions and nothing was going to stop me.

The new year energy is infectious. Promise and optimism fills the air. Advertisements and blog posts coming across our screens all expressing encouragement and motivation to take on this year like never before.

It’s a battle cry we all yearn for – to feel that motivation and passion to transform our lives.

But I want to caution you and give you a different perspective on what to do with all that powerful and motivating energy you’ve got tingling at your fingertips right now. Because I don’t want you to face plant into bed several weeks from now because all that momentum has slowed and you’re back to old bad habits.

I don’t want you to lose that passion.

In order to do that, I want you to remember that (for most of you reading in the northern hemisphere), it’s still winter.

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Winter – a time of going within, resting, and being quiet knowing that the fertile spring is around the corner.

Just as it is a vital part of the natural cycles of the planet, winter time is integral to the full human experience of a successful year. This time of rest and reflection is meant to nourish and renew us for the year to come – when the sun gets brighter longer and our energy increases. When we skip this vital time of year for our bodies, we can feel depleted, exhausted, and often sick. It’s cold and flu season for a reason, folks.

So, with the calendar year beginning anew and all your plans for making this year an adventurous, inspiring one to remember, I give you permission to pace yourself.

Rest your body when you need to. Nourish it with broths and winter vegetables. Get enough sleep and drink lots of water.

And know that, if you’re wondering where your energy for new growth and action-taking has gone, rest assured it lies just beyond the bend, when the snow will melt and seeds will sprout.

What about you? Are you feeling like you need to slow your roll to preserve your energy and intentions for 2016? Let me know (along with your intentions for this year) in the comments below!

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