Finding Your Summer Pace {for Sanity's Sake}

I can’t begin this without sharing what feels most true for me right now…

I’m tired.

The kind of tired that has me getting out of bed a few hours later than usual and yearning for a midday siesta that involves homemade strawberry basil lemonade, a hammock, and two very lethargic kitties. It’s a slow, sultry kind of tired that has me taking time with my sentences and yearning for some escapist historical fiction at the end of the day.

Something I have to re-remember each time the wheel of the year turns is that we are currently in a season of rest.

July is a lot like January, energetically and in nature. Except it’s hot instead of cold and the animals are napping under a tree at midday instead of burrowed underground in hibernation mode. I’m majorly simplifying here, but hopefully you get where I’m going…

We’ve just crossed over the summer solstice and have made a hairpin turn at the tippy top where the sun shines brightest to move back down with waning energy moving slowly towards the winter solstice in December.

This is a time when it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and drained. If you are wanting to be super productive right now, it can feel like a struggle to muster the energy you were used to feeling over those growth-infused spring months.

Living with the seasons has been one of the most powerful ways I have been able to improve my experience of life.

When I notice what’s going on around me – in nature and in my body – I’m able to tune into my intuition and adjust my expectations of myself and the world around me. In this way, I’ve been able to increase my productivity in my business, improve my health, nurture my relationships, be clearer with my boundaries, and feel more connected in my spiritual practice.

Has it been as easy as flipping a switch and life is suddenly all magical moon gatherings and perfectly portioned kale salads? Heccckkkkkk no. Rewiring your patterns and aligning with the seasons takes time and devotion.

We live in a society that doesn’t exactly exalt the feminine practices of flowing with natural cycles.

Nope, it’s all go go go as hard as you can, as long as you can without stopping and without resting because that’s seen as weak. And even the most well-intentioned, soulful creative gal can get sucked into that vortex.

It’s amazing how much we can push down those whispers (or sometimes loud yelps) from our intuition just for the sake of going the path we’ve been taught to go – wearing busy-ness and stress like a badge of honor for a life well-lived.

Except it doesn’t actually feel well-lived. It feels tiring and never good enough. It encourages the false veneer that’s plastered on so many of our instagram feeds – trying to prove just how fun and meaningful our lives look.

Living a life that is real and authentically yours…now that takes real courage.

So I ask you, sister…

How do you want to spend this next 6-8 weeks of summer so you can feel energized and inspired?  How can you savor this present moment in time and also move towards your goals?

Perhaps it is through rest. Perhaps it’s taking the rest of the month off. Perhaps it’s through incorporating more ritual in your day to day and making space to listen to the whispers of your inner knowing. Perhaps it’s going to see Wonder Woman in the middle of the day with your best girls from the office.

Or perhaps it’s by getting help.

I have just opened up 10 spots in my schedule for private coaching – a unique and juicy experience for women on the path who ready to cultivate big shifts in their lives.

I work with you to:

  • Create space for you to get centered, quiet, and open to accessing your own inner wisdom and knowing
  • Release your hold on perfection (embracing imperfect is way more fun!)
  • Reconnect with the ease, flow, and power of your feminine wisdom
  • Infuse more creative wonder back into your daily life
  • Deepen into unconditional love for everything that you are and the brilliance and gifts you bring to this world
  • Express your authentic self in the world (without shame, without fear)

Together, we’ll work to shed the mask of perfection to embrace the raw, wild, real woman you are with open arms.

You aren’t meant to do this alone.

You’ve probably tried that, and you did a pretty good job…until realizing you’re worn out and it doesn’t feel as deeply real as you thought it would.

In our time together I will fan the flames of your creative wisdom and ensure you are cultivating everything you need to thrive.

You can read more about the process of working with me and fill out an application on this page.

I have room to work with just 10 women over the next 3-6 months. If you are feeling a tug at your belly or heartstrings that’s saying you must do this

Your courageous future awaits, sister.

Finding your summer pace for sanity’s sake

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