Simplify Your Way To Sacred - Becca Piastrelli

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

I suspect it’s from growing up in a world that values the amount of time and energy you put into something more highly than it does your ability to call upon your own strengths and magic while also honoring your health and well-being.

It’s true. Since the industrial era of the mid 1800s (when the measure of success became the amount of parts you could put together in an hour on a factory floor), humans have been programmed to try to cram as much as possible into their time to prove how successful and productive they are.

That philosophy may work for machines, but it certainly doesn’t work for human beings.

Instead of a healthy, prosperous (in every sense of the word) population, we are surrounded by anxious, sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted, and fundamentally unfulfilled souls milling about trying to “fix it” by making life even more complicated.

If I just hustle harder and do more, then maybe I’ll finally achieve the joy of success and achievement.

No. Just….no.

That type of mentality doesn’t get you deep, lasting contentment that you think it will. You know this and I know this - because we’ve both tried it out and realized there’s a deeper truth...

Simple is sacred.

We are not machines. We are animals woven into the very fabric of mother nature. We existed long before the factories that modernized us. And nature knows how to stay alive and abundant without any complex algorithms or shiny new technology.

I am not anti-technology. It has brought about many beautiful things, including connecting you and I in this very moment.

What I am against is the treating of human beings like they aren’t the product of nature itself. When we become robotic, we disconnect from what matters most - our connection to the planet, those that came before us, and those yet to come.

I believe it is a revolutionary act to keep things simple.

To close the laptop, to quiet the mind, to say no, and to find deep and sacred joy in the mundane tasks of your life -- all further aligns you to inner wisdom.

So, in my effort to reduce the noisy complexity of my life and tap into the ancient creative wisdom that flows through me, I’ve been making a practice of finding sacred joy in the everyday tasks of my life.

And what a difference it’s made.

It’s something we talk about in the private community in Hearthfire - ways we are embodying our inner wise women when we’ve got school lunches to make, papers to file, and errands to run.

One of the women in the sisterhood works in a bakery, which requires early hours and a lot of work with her hands. But what’s helped her realize her work is ancient and beautiful has been taking this sacred simplicity approach to her work.

The act of kneading the dough with her hands is something women have been doing for thousands of years. The dough she kneads and bakes helps to nourish and sustain life. It is a simple yet powerful connection she has to those who came before her through just the simple movement of her hands.

I’ve applied this sacred simplicity to doing the dishes every morning - something I simply must do in order to have clean plates to eat on and a clear sink to fill my tea kettle each day.

I’ve started looking at doing the dishes as clearing away of anything that no longer serves me.

As I’m scrubbing the saucepan, I envision myself scrubbing away all the darker emotions, ties to frustrating memories, holding onto past stories that no longer fuel my growth, etc to feel squeaky clean (just like my wine glasses) at the end of it. I revel in the warmth of the water on my hands and feel grateful to my tools (a sponge and dish soap) for guiding me through this sacred process each morning. It helps me take on my day feeling fresh and sparkling.

I invite you to counter your complex-making tendencies by infusing more joyful sacredness into the mundane tasks of your life.

Call in more sacred simplicity, sister, and cultivate that aliveness formerly associated with a packed calendar and late night deadline.


What are some practices to help you find more sacred simplicity in your daily life?

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