A 10-week journey with an
intimate group of women

who are ready to create what they want to see in the world, in the space of sacred sisterhood.

Do you crave sisterhood and a deeper connection to the sacred within yourself?

Perhaps you’ve come across super interesting, witchy and supportive sisters in the virtual world, but they still feel a bit distant.

Maybe you haven’t had the best luck creating deep connections with women in your local community, either. Sisterhood can be tricky, right?

Maybe, true sisterhood is mythical...a fiction that exists only in nostalgic novels and well-placed stock photos.

Maybe it’s best to just continue the journey of uncovering your sacred self on your own… 

Well I’m here to say NOPE...

that’s not true.

We are meant to gather together as women and explore all things sacred. Sisterhood is real, it’s important, and it begins inside you.

All of the sacred connection, voice, and vision you desire is within you already. YOU are the missing link to the community you’re craving.

It’s time for true sisterhood to be the rule, and not the exception. It is time to GATHER with other women - and be witnessed and supported to bloom as your vibrant, truest self.

You just needed to find the right space to rise in…


is a place for you to remember who you are. GATHER and experience first-hand the power of women in circle.

In GATHER, we’ll cover topics such as:

The wisdom of the moon (within you and above you)

Seasonal living (and celebrating!)

Ancestral feminine handcrafts

The art of sistering

Balancing the masculine and feminine

Creating and holding a sacred space

Cultivating safety and belonging in community

The history of patriarchy and the burning times

Practicing inclusion and cultural reverence

Rituals and ceremony in sisterhood

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