Be Like the Trees & Let Go {+ guided meditation}

I’ve got a theory about why Autumn is such a popular time of year.

Beyond the pumpkin spice everything and cozy sweata weatha, I believe we are innately tuning in to the natural rhythm of the seasons and preparing ourselves to release and let go of what is no longer serving us.

The trees provide a beautiful model for this right now, as they are embodying this transition we are feeling within ourselves. Their leaves are expressing their last burst of energy (and color) before their energy starts to wane and the sap moves back down their branches and trunk for the winter – with the leaves withering and falling to the ground.

The trees are showing us how healthy and powerful it is to let things go in preparation for winter’s rest.

And yet this can feel so counterintuitive for many of us – to take things off our plates, purge our closets, release old stories, and reduce our workload so that we can align with the season and not feel sick, depressed, and off-center during the darker, colder months of the year.

We are encouraged (by nature!) to let things go, to shed what does not serve us so we can gather all our necessary energy to go into hibernation mode.

To help you tune into this concept further (as we head into deep days of Autumn), I’ve made you a meditation that will take you into a beautiful Autumn forest and guide you through the process of letting go of what is no longer serving you at this time.

I did this guided meditation a few weeks ago during my live virtual women’s gathering for the Autumn Equinox and the women really loved it, so I was happy to make a recording and share it with you.

Before you click play on the meditation below, I recommend grabbing a cozy blanket and finding a comfortable place to really tune in to my words.

After you listen to the meditation, I’d love to know what came up for you! What are you letting go of? What did you see in that Autumn forest? Leave a comment below!

Be Like the Trees & Let Go {+ guided meditation}

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