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the sense of belonging, ancestral connection and feminine wisdom you are craving.

I offer a range of online programs and in-person gatherings:

in person gatherings

Gather with me in a sacred circle of women as we share our hearts, work with our hands, and experience ancient feminine rituals.


A truly unique one-on-one experience where you can go deep, be witnessed, and reclaim your creative courage.

Private coaching is perfect for women who are ready to cultivate big shifts in their life and desire a completely personalized, deeply safe and supported experience with Becca.

A monthly virtual sisterhood for creative, soulful women who want to get back in touch with their feminine power and creative wisdom.

No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to connect online with your new tribe of soul sisters and be supported in the sacred act of creating with your hands - all for an affordable monthly price.


An ten week intimate immersion in the art of holding women's circles. Gather is designed for women who want to deepen into sisterhood and are curious about cultivating meaningful in-person community.

This intimate group of women will be practicing the principles of sistering as well as learning about the elements of cultivating a sacred life.

in person gatherings

Give meaningful gifts to your loved ones all while giving yourself the gift of slowing down, being present and creating with your hands. 

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