End the War on Your Body

A few weeks ago, I talked about how I grew up thinking beauty was something outside of myself – something I wasn’t. But this feeling I had wasn’t just about my skin. It was a feeling I had about my whole body and who I was.

I grew up acutely aware of what perfection looked like – something I was not. As an anxious, over-achieving little girl who was working hard to get good grades and do every extra-curricular she could to get into a good college (I was seriously thinking about this stuff at the age of 11), food and body fit into that category as well.

I had the belief that my life would be completely different if I just lost 30 pounds. I would fantasize about finding “the one”, being the most beautiful woman in the room, fitting into my “skinny” clothes, and finally feeling confident, happy, and well…normal.

And many of the women around me (then and now) felt the same way. In order to “lose 20 pounds by summer”, they would start doing 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, buy a juicer and swear off sugar, dairy, wine and everything that tastes good. The first two days go great, they’ve got new sneakers and a new attitude. By day 3 they skip the gym, and eat a cookie because “I messed up anyways, might as well make a day of it.”

By day 4 they’re hungry and pissed at everyone.  Before they know it, they’re crouched on the kitchen floor next to an empty pint of ice cream wondering if they’re ever going to get out of body jail.

I know this experience all too well.

I was one of those girls that developed earlier. I got my period in the 5th grade and started growing breasts soon after. I remember sitting in middle school band class one day and the girl next to me pointed out the beginnings of stretch marks on my growing thighs and loudly shouting “ewwww!”

There were those times I would lay in bed grabbing the skin on of my belly, wishing so dearly that I could cut it off. Or the time I sat sobbing on the floor of the Macy’s dressing room because none of the juniors-sized pants would fit over my hips.

And then there was the time my caught me trying to throw up my dinner in the shower…she grabbed me in a tight hug, sobbing into my ear that I didn’t need to hurt myself – that I was beautiful and precious just as I was.

I have so many stories like this (and likely you do as well).

And because I know you can relate, I want you to meet Sarah Jenks.

End the War on Your Body

Sarah has been a longtime mentor of mine, and now a very good friend. In a sea of weight loss articles, shiny magazines and empty promises, Sarah is a breath of fresh air, and stands out as someone who has the real, sane alternative to traditional weight loss.

Sarah believes that a lot of us use food to make ourselves feel better. Eating keeps us entertained, comfortable, relaxed and loved – but only for a hot second until our anxiety or boredom comes back and we’re left with a bloated tummy and lumpy thighs.  Not fun.

On top of that, many of us are waiting for our lives to begin when we’re thin, so our daily routines leave much to be desired which further drives up our cravings.

Sarah’s created an amazing Lifestyle Video Series to help you get out of the diet/binge cycle by creating a fun, meaningful and romantic life so you can finally reach your ideal weight. You can click here to get instant access to her free training.

In one of her videos Sarah gave her honest opinion as to why women can get stuck when it comes to making their goals become reality, and it really hit home for me.

Sarah posed this question,

“How much time do you spend trying to lose weight or worrying about how pretty, thin and confident you are? Now imagine what would happen if you stopped worrying about your weight, how you look or counting calories.  Think about how much energy and brain space you would have!  What could you do with all that extra energy?”

I bet you could finally start that business, raise money for your non-profit, rekindle the fire in your relationship, write a book, direct that play or be incredibly present for your kids.

It’s sad and hard to admit that we get stuck in the trance, but it’s true.

Sarah is offering this training to celebrate the launch her signature program, Live More Weigh Less. The program is designed to teach women how to create awesome lives so they no longer need food for comfort, companionship, entertainment and relaxation.

Sarah Jenks + The Dabblist

So, if you stopped waiting on the weight, and you no longer let the striving for perfection suck your energy, what would you be capable of accomplishing this spring?

I’m rooting for you.

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