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I have been dying to make cashew milk ever since I had it on my 3-day cleanse, and realized how deliciously creamy this protein-packed drink is. The steps are easy, and can be replicated from my almond milk post.

Homemade cashew milk

Soak your cashews overnight in water. Drain them the next day and place them in a blender.

making cashew milk in blender

Fill the blender with water so it just covers the cashews.

DIY cashew milk

Blend on high speed until creamy. I then added in some vanilla bean for flavor by slicing the vanilla bean down the center, scooping out the seeds, and adding it to the mixture.

making cashew milk at home

Strain the nut pulp through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. I had to strain the milk twice since some of the pulp got through the first time.

making cashew milk

Vanilla cashew milk! I like to drink it cold like a milkshake, but you can use it like any dairy alternative. Enjoy!

Making your own cashew milk

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