Travel Tips from The Dabblist

Whenever I sit with my journal and envision my ideal life, the word TRAVEL always comes up. I have a very deep, heart-aching desire to travel all over the world. And, as much as I like the feeling of being rooted in a home I love, I start to get a little twitchy after a month or so with no travel. This wanderlust has become a non-negotiable for me, so instead of resigning myself to wishing and hoping I could travel more, I’ve been making it happen this year by creating a business and life around my desire to travel more.

This fall is my busiest travel season yet and I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my tried and true travel tips.

Travel Tips from The Dabblist

  • Hydration is everything. I find that I need to drink double my normal amount of water when on the plane. To cut down on waste, I bring my bkr glass water bottle (so chic) and refill it at the airport water fountains. If I’m in a pinch, I’ll buy a large bottle at the bookstore but I like to avoid the plastic stuff as much as possible.
  • Aisle seat, hands down. I used to be a definite window gal, but with the amount of water I drink, being on the aisle is just a smarter move. I’ve had one too many awkward encounters with sleepy neighbors who’ve woken up with me straddling them trying to get to the lavatory.
  • Make or buy snacks ahead of time. Airplane food is no good and it’s hard to find healthy options in airport terminals (I usually go for a bag of almonds). I like to pre-make my energy balls and salads in a mason jar to carry on the plane with me.
  • To combat nasty plane air, I bring my Immune essential oil blend. I apply to my wrists 2-3 times throughout the flight and subtly breathe in the germ fighting oils.
  • Stretch and move on the plane. Those frequent trips to the bathroom really help with moving my body, but stretching feels amazing too. Here’s a great list of adapted yoga poses you can do on the plane. I find my hips really tighten up if I don’t do them at least once on the flight.
  • What to wear: comfy pants (never jeans), slip on shoes for security (I love Toms), a scarf – both to keep warm and look chic even in sweatpants, socks (which I bring in my bag) to keep my feet warm without having to wear my shoes on the plane, and I always put my hair in a top knot to prevent it from getting greasy and dirty.
  • Don’t travel with makeup on, it never ends well. (Though I am guilty of sometimes shading in my eyebrows.) Another note about skin! Plane air is usually really dry, so bring oils for your face. Trust me on this. Oils will regulate oil production. I used to get breakouts on flights because I either wore makeup or my face was freaked out by the dry air and started overproducing oil. I recommend jojoba or argan.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on the plane, as tempting as it is. It will dry your skin, dehydrate you even more, and arriving hungover is the worst.
  • For jet lag and sleep, melatonin is your best friend. And if you are traveling far, my go-to trick is staying up as late as you can during the day to go to bed at normal bedtime hours in the timezone you are visiting.
  • Travel with manuka honey packets. I wash my face with it and add it to my tea for added antibacterial protection.
  • For packing, I discovered the Eagle Creek travel cubes for keeping similar clothing items together. I have one for underwear and socks, one for gym clothes, one for shirts, etc. So simple and yet so game changing.
  • When I arrive to my hotel, I immediately unpack my suitcase (putting everything away) to feel more settled. Then I usually create a little altar space in a corner of a room to clear the energy and feel grounded in the space.
  • When I arrive back home, I immediately unpack my suitcase and put it away, light some candles and take a bath to help me feel settled once again.

What about you jet setters out there? What are your best travel tips? Share in the comments!

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