The Secret To Feeling More Connected With Loved Ones

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If we were ever to meet up for a tea and girl talk date, chances are I would show up with a gift for you.

Maybe it would be a tube of homemade lip balm, some flower petal infused bath salts, a homemade card with a glitter dipped feather on the front, or a love potion I mixed up under the full moon.

My point is that I don’t just dabble for the pleasure of creating. I often dabble so I can infuse my intentions into gifts for the beloved people in my life.

When I am sprinkling rose petals into a jar of bath salt or stirring melting beeswax over the stove, I am infusing all my love and good energy into the final product.

It’s the secret of handmade gifts – the thread of connection and love that you feel when you receive one. It simply isn’t something you can feel in a store-bought gift.

Allow me to explain this concept a little further.

Take, for example, when you’re at a party. You’re having a great time and someone enters the room and has a totally negative vibe. They have a scowl on their face, defensive body language, and a rough demeanor. The energy from that person is so intense and distracting that you can feel it in your own body and it puts a total damper on the party.

But then there’s that time that someone entered the room and immediately brightened it up. They were vibrant and charismatic and just plain lovely. Being around that person brought a smile to your face and a feeling of calm and safety in your body.

You could feel the difference between the two people, right?

You can also feel it when a loved one cooks you a meal. A meal that is made with feelings of love and excitement to share it with you tastes and feels far better than one that is cooked in an anxious and harried state. As opposed to going over to someone’s home and having them serve you a half-assed frozen meal that they didn’t spend much time or loving energy on. The food may taste okay but the energy isn’t the same.

You can also feel that difference in energy when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.
When you give a handmade gift to your loved one, the exchange goes far beyond a mere object to another human.

That handmade gift has the power to influence that person’s daily life. It may sit on their desk or on the window-sill in their bathroom or next to the stove in their kitchen. Every time they see it or use it, they are receiving all the love and beautiful intentions you have put into it. It has the power to change their day from crappy to awesome.

It’s a reminder to them that they are adored and worth crafting something beautiful over. And, the best part, is it is likely to inspire them to get creative too! It’s a beautiful ripple effect that all started with a loving, creative thought.

You have the ability to infuse your gifts with all your love and good intentions while you are making them.

The next time you have an occasion to give someone a gift, make them something you can infuse your love and intentions into.



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