Virtual Sisterhood

for creative soulful womxn who want to get back in touch with their creativity and inner wisdom

creative, free spirit.

You ran barefoot, whispered to the trees, painted, gardened with your grandmother, or perhaps you knitted sweaters with friends by the fire at winter time.

But if you’re anything like me, you now find yourself all grown up with a busy schedule, overflowing inbox, and a mile long to-do list.

Your days of creative play are now just memories from the past or maybe you’ll get back to them someday when you can take a long vacation or when you retire.

As much as you love the idea of living an adventurous and inspired life, you can’t seem to figure out how to fit that info your very full days of taking care of the things you need to take care of.

Or maybe you find that you can eek out some time for yourself but your overwhelming desire to “do it perfectly” stops you from even starts.

If I’m reading your mind, sister,
it’s only because I totally get it.

I’m a modern woman who once felt paralyzed by all my obligations in life and completely lost the part of me that wanted to express her creative soul.

When we're stressed and overwhelmed,

we disconnect from ourselves and each other.

It wasn’t until I started to make a regular practice of connecting to my inner knowing a part of my life that I saw just how much I was missing out on by not creating space and meaningful intention in my life.

Now that I’m embracing the ancient wise woman inside me

I’ve found the deep satisfaction and joy I’ve been craving for years. Come home to your inner wisdom and rekindle that passion, playfulness, and joy you so deeply crave in your day to day life.

The Creative Sisterhood is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when it re-opens in 2019


The Creative Sisterhood is a sanctuary where you will find the warm embrace of a community of fellow soulful and creative womxn.

You’ll reconnect with your inner wisdom to unlock the passion and meaning you so often seek outside of yourself. By sharing your true self in a safe space space of sisterhood and making creating with your hands a devotional art (the way our grandmothers wove magic into every caregiving task they did), you'll deepen your roots and heal your spirit.

“I joined The Creative Sisterhood because after experiencing one of Becca's virtual equinox circles, I felt this longing to be in a group of women that focused on creativity, sisterhood and, especially, ancestry and lineage. It was one of the best investments I've made. The Creative Sisterhood has been an integral part of my journey of shedding ancestral shame, of going deeper with my roots, helping others do the same and to revel in being a woman from my lineage. Becca creates a space of belonging and sisterhood, a space allows each of us to play, to explore and to create together.”

- Jaclyn

I know that this concept of sisterhood
can feel quite vulnerable
or a little bit confusing or even a little bit scary.

So many of us are craving meaningful connection with fellow womxn. We want the village back. And yet, it's not exactly simple to cultivate these deep relationships in a time when we our calendars are jam packed, inboxes full, and our isolation from that community feel is at an all-time high. Combine that with the rocky friendships or even betrayals by women many of us have experienced in our past (not to mention the thousands of years patriarchy has contributed to the narrative that women can't be trusted or safe with each other), and it makes sense that sisterhood doesn't always come easily. Which is exactly why having a safe and supportive space to unravel from cultural programming and explore who you are becoming is just the medicine we need.

  • If you want to learn how to cultivate meaningful connections with women
  • If you are aching for a space where you can 100% be yourself, messiness and all
  • If you are desiring to slow down your pace and feel joyful again
  • If you want to reclaim your sense of connection to nature
  • If you want that reminder to pause and take care of yourself more
  • If you are missing a sense of community and hungry for the echoes of feminine ancestral traditions

...then I invite you to join us in The Creative Sisterhood.


At the turn of each season, we’ll be working with the flow of the natural world and the moon (just like our ancestors once did) as we journey through the practice of getting to know our dreamed of selves and embodying our feminine creativity.


Access your creative fire from a nature-aligned and authentic place through soul nourishing rituals, creative projects, and thought provoking prompts.


A monthly live virtual call where we’ll gather to share our hearts, work with our hands, and connect more deeply.


A private, safe, and sacred community of sisters to share, celebrate, and feel support that you can access 24/7 on facebook.


Wisdom on living with the seasons, working with the phases of the moon, tuning into your body's messages and ancestral rituals and practices for tuning into your wisest self.

The Creative Sisterhood is currently closed.

Join the waitlist to be the first to hear when the Creative Sisterhood re-opens in 2019.

“From the first time I responded to a question, a floodgate of honest communication poured out from within my bones. 

I knew I belonged within the ‘walls” of this sisterhood! I have searched deeper and made lifetime connections since. Becca’s vision seeks to help guide and nurture each of us to become more. More wise, more healthy, more open, more honest, more accepting. I LOVE this sisterhood fiercely and look forward to every single communication and post.”

- Judy


When you come home to yourself and are thriving in your own unique creative flow, your experience of life expands and you benefit in other areas of your life like:

Feeling less stress and anxiety

Developing the courage to fail... and try again

Taking better care of

Increased productivity and focus

Deeper connections with others

Feeling free to unleash your playful inner child

Reduction in habits that aren’t serving you 

Walking in the world as a more confident being

“The Creative Sisterhood is a beautiful nourishing space to just be. It is a breath of fresh air after a lifetime of trying to fit in.

- Sarah


As a child, I would spend my days chasing butterfly fairies and whispering to the trees as I scurried up every branch I could reach.

But by age 8, I started changing my behavior to become more liked, respected, and approved of by the people “in charge”.

I was pretty good at it.  By my late 20s, I had achieved everything I thought I wanted, but felt disconnected from the part of me that felt true.

Ultimately, I felt like I didn’t belong.

Because the true me was afraid she was too weird for this world.

That girl was drawn to the traditions of other cultures and witchy stories of women with magical powers who spoke to the trees. That was so far away from “normal” that I didn’t dare reveal it for fear of being judged (or worse...rejected). Hiding my true self led to some unhappy controlling habits including debilitating anxiety and a bout with an eating disorder.

It was dabbling in my own creative curiosities and coaxing out the wise woman within that got me back to a life filled with wonder and purpose.

I returned to working with my hands, I regularly gathered with women in a vulnerable and meaningful way, I cultivated a deeper relationship with the natural world, and remembered what brought me joy and true contentment. I accessed a part of me that felt ancient and pure. When we tap into our inner wisdom and the creative being that is inside all of us, we create powerful ripple effects in our lives and the world.

How it works

This community is designed for the curious woman in a busy world.

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately receive access to the sisters-only website that you can log into to access materials for each month. I’ll also be sending you love notes to your inbox here and there to check in and encourage you along the way.

In addition, you’ll receive access to the private, sisters-only facebook community for you to immediately connect with your fellow creative sisters.

I’ll also be hosting a live, recorded gathering online each month where we’ll work with our hands, learn from guest teachers, share our hearts, and support each other on our paths. If you can’t make the gathering live, we’ll be sending out a recording afterwards so you can catch up.

Monthly live gatherings
where we'll work with our hands

The Creative Sisterhood is currently closed.

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when it re-opens in 2019

The community is so warm and supportive of each other. I love to be amongst other dabblists where there’s accountability but no real pressure or rigid structure.”

- Antonia

“The beautiful community Becca has woven together has provided the perfect space for connection and loving accountability. I am so grateful. I feel truly blessed to share in the wisdom of women coming together in this way

- Kelsey

The Creative Sisterhood has enabled me to get in touch with both my inner wise woman and my inner child.  I’ve learned so much about myself, but also remembered how much fun it is to create, play and dabble! Also, the connections I’ve made with the other women in the group mean so very much to me - their wisdom, cheerleading and creative inspiration are invaluable.”

- Jen

“The creative sisterhood is not just about expressing your creativity, but also embracing nature, the rhythm of natural cycles and finding presence through creating beautiful meaningful rituals and objects as a way to care for ourselves and those we love. One month we were asked to create rose water, and the act of sitting down to make it from roses in my own garden was so magical.

I feel like I'm brought to this place of intimacy and connection through these activities in a way that is hard to find within a busy life. Having the guide, the monthly prompts, and the sisterhood, meant that I got to know myself, my home, my life on this deeper level and share it with beautiful women who are so kind, open-hearted, and present.”

- Carina


Is it a one time fee or do I pay monthly?
The Creative Sisterhood is a membership-based group program that will auto-charge your credit card $29 monthly
When will I get access?
As soon as we process your payment, you’ll be given instant access to the member site. Once we confirm you in our system, you’ll be added to the Facebook group.
What is your refund policy? Can I cancel at any time?
Due to the digital nature of this program, all sales are final. You may cancel at any time no questions asked, no strings attached.
I'm pretty creative already, will this be useful for me?
I’ve designed this group for the creative woman, including those of you who are creative for a living. I have found that we thrive creatively when we have a safe place to explore, be supported, and dream together. It only serves to feed your artistry.
I don’t have time to even get myself to to a manicure once a month. Will this even work for me?
If you are someone who feels too busy to breathe, then you probably need this community. I’ve designed it for the curious woman in a busy world who desires more white space in her life. The seasonal materials are bite-sized, yet powerful. You can be as involved with the community as you are able, but the transformation potential is the same.
How often will we receive new materials as a member?
I release new materials at the beginning of every seasons. You'll receive an email and be able to log into the members-only website to download and watch.
What do you mean when you say "womxn"?
The Creative Sisterhood is a space for beings who identify and lean into what is generally described as a female or feminized experience of life, which is not limited to cis-gendered women (or those born with breasts and a vagina). This is a space of belonging for all folx who yearn for a feeling of sisterhood connection, and is not a space for exclusion or transphobia.
Do you offer scholarships to less privileged folx?
Part of what sisterhood means is holding space for your other sisters. Through the work of creating sacred space for connection and healing, I want to make sure this space is accessible for any womxn who wants to be part of it. But we're not all dealt the same hand in life. So folx may need more financial support in order to receive the deep sisterhood medicine they're looking for. So I am offering five scholarship spots of 12 months free in The Creative Sisterhood for womxn who do not benefit from the same kind of privilege as others in our society. These scholarships are non-judgmental. There is no application. I will not be accessing who is "more disadvantaged" or has "more need" because that is not my place nor my desire. These five scholarships are available to any sister that feels they could use a little extra support in this area in life, but who might otherwise not be able to afford that opportunity. I would love to offer these scholarships to anyone who needs it, but this is my business and livelihood so, at this time, I can only offer five. I am doing this on the honor system so, once the five scholarships are claimed, I will take the link down. I trust you to discern your level of privilege when deciding to claim their scholarship or not. I offer them in service to those who truly need it. All scholarships have been claimed at this time.

The Creative Sisterhood is currently closed.

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when it re-opens in 2019

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