Taking {Summer} Stock - Becca Piastrelli
Taking {Summer} Stock

Currently, I’m fully enraptured by the siren song of summer.

What a sweet and sultry sister she is - giggling with delight as she beckons you into her spell with watermelon slices, gauzey cotton dresses, and warm nights that make you want to howl at the stars and moon.

Are you with me here? Captivated by the ageless childlike wonder that is summer? Let’s keep twirling around together with the midnight fireflies and never let it to stop, ok? Let’s make popsicles with freshly picked berries and clink glasses of sparkling beverages and sing songs of our childhood until we giggle ourselves silly.

In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of my current state of affairs...

Taking Summer Stock
  • Making: Candles! I have 55 pounds of beeswax leftover from last year’s A Handmade Holiday and candles are calling my name.
  • Cooking: All the things from the Summer Recipe Swap the ladies of The Creative Sisterhood are contributing to (strawberry salad is up next!).
  • Drinking: Iced matcha lattes with homemade almond-cashew nut mylk.
  • Reading: All the books by Sarah Addison Allen since I devoured Garden Spells a few weeks ago.
  • Wanting: To spend more time at swimming holes (with rope swings) this summer.
  • Dreaming: Of entering my own pies, pickles, and vegetable art in next year’s county fair.
  • Looking: For all the answers within, and not outside of myself.
  • Playing: LEMONADE. As fresh as they day it was released.
  • Wishing:  I had an epic She-Shed
Taking Summer Stock
  • Enjoying: Recording The Lunar Lab Podcast episodes with my friend Maia where we get to be both playful and super honest about how we run our businesses. {see Considering below}
  • Waiting: For 31st birthday celebration idea inspiration to hit me. Got any ideas?
  • Liking:  My new goddess clothing and jewelry I got at Spiritweavers Gathering last month. A girl can never have too many ceremonial kimonos, you know what I mean?
  • Wondering: If I’ll ever get around to making soap, or if I’ll keep coming up with silly excuses not to. {Yes, even I resist creative work!}
  • Loving: The in-person community I’ve cultivated at my local women’s coworking space
  • Pondering: A new offering I’m dreaming up for my peeps who want more sacred making and ceremony called the Wise Woman Inner Circle. It’s still too fresh to share but coming, I promise.
Taking Summer Stock
  • Considering: How to align my day-to-day business tasks with the cycles of the moon
  • Watching: Season 4 of Orange is the New Black
  • Hoping: My cat, Gorilla, doesn’t lick my eyebrows at 4am again tomorrow morning.
  • Marveling: At how Garrison Keillor performed 42 seasons of incredible storytelling with ease and joy. {goodbye, Lake Wobegon!}
  • Needing: To go to the farmer’s market at least twice a week this summer. So much abundance and allll the flowers.
  • Smelling: The faint scent of glorious campfire still lingering in my hair and laundry basket from our Big Sur glamping trip last week.
  • Wearing: A lot of homemade face masks lately. My new fave: raw honey, avocado, and egg whites.
  • Following: @howtohairgirl on instagram. She takes hair adornment to another level.
  • Noticing: How amazing women like Stephanie Burg and Sarah Jenks are taking a stand for body love during swimsuit season. Because we all deserve a summer of boundless joy and cannonballs into the water.
Taking Summer Stock
  • Knowing: That when I drink 2 huge glass pitchers of water in a day, I am a happy girl.
  • Feeling: So grateful to have been married 5 years to my beloved.
  • Admiring: My soul sister Marnelli, who recently launched her dream company Luxe 30. It’s been amazing to watch it go from a little ember of an idea to the ups and downs of creating to finally birthing it into the world. So proud of my girl!
  • Sorting: All the emails in all the inboxes.
  • Buying: Fresh fruit and flowers...and epsom salts for my sore summer muscles.
Taking Summer Stock
  • Getting: REALLY into soul cycle. It’s like the greatest club I’ve ever been to {without the booze and with the empowering affirmations}
  • Bookmarking: Summer creative projects to dig my hands into.
  • Disliking: Road rage and dirty politics.
  • Opening: My heart and mind to new opportunities, connections, and idea
  • Giggling: At the movie, Zootopia. The sloths are hilarious!
  • Feeling: Deeply grateful for the women in Hearthfire. Their creative projects, insights, and support of each other blow me away on a daily basis.

That’s me {in this moment, anyways}.

So what’s going on with you?

What’s ripening in your garden?

What have you been making this summer?

Tell me your dabbles and what you’ve been up to in the comments below.

Taking {Summer} Stock

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