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I've been in the mood for some seasonal cocktails lately, and was inspired to make my own strawberry-infused bourbon. The straberries really sweeten the bourbon, and it's just so pretty.


1 cup organic strawberries


Wash your strawberries, chop the tops off before slicing them in half.

Fill a mason jar with your sliced strawberries.

Pour your bourbon into the jar over the strawberries.

Screw the top on your jar, and store in a cool, dark place for 3-4 days. I stored it for 3 in our apartment's old cold storage cabinet - I believe it's called an "ice box."

After 3 days, take the infused bourbon out.

And strain the strawberries from the bourbon.

And there you have it! Store your bourbon in the refrigerator to preserve the flavor - and make yourself some delicious summer cocktails!

*A note about using organic strawberries. Conventionally grown strawberries contain some of the highest pesticide levels of all the fruits, and in my experience lack the depth of flavor I find in organic strawberries.

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