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Well, hello!

Somehow, through the magic and mess that is the internet, you've made it here to this little corner of the world wide web.

I don't know what it is that brought you here but I have an intuitive hunch it has something to do with belonging.

My life's journey has shown me that we can remember that we belong—to a lineage, to the earth, to our bodies, and in community.
I help womxn find a deeper sense of belonging by rooting into their connection with their ancestors, meaningful sisterhood, and living with the seasons and cycles of the earth and their bodies.
This work is deep and filled with examining and healing what has been passed through the generations: mistrust, feeling unworthy, addiction to what does not serve us, fear, and oppressive societal structures. We don’t skirt around these wounds, we heal by looking straight at them. If you’re willing to take the hands of your sisters and walk through this portal to embrace it all—the magic and the shadow...
you’ll find a greater sense of belonging.
I lead international pilgrimages, host intimate womxn's gatherings, and share about all my work in my weekly-ish podcast, Belonging. All of this within the container of supportive sisterhood because while each of us is on our own inward journey, we don’t have to go it alone.

Through all this, I share my own experience along the way—not because there is one way to do this work, but because we are all mirrors for each other

and often what can be said for one may be said for all.

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Links and resources to begin your journey:


I believe we have an infinite well of creativity within just took me 25 years to access mine (addiction to perfectionism and a fear of the judgment of others kept me away). My approach to creativity and working with your hands isn't about achieving the most beautiful Pinterest pin. It's about tapping into that part of yourself that your great great great grandmothers lived and breathed into life when they sat at the table and infused meaning (and magic!) into everything they touched with their hands. To work with your hands is to activate the memory of those wise womxn and re-access that creative well that has always been there. Come play with me and get to know the creative wise womxn that lives within you.


To connect to those who came before you is to connect more deeply with the truth of who you are today. No matter who you are, you come from a lineage. That may bring up feelings of resistance or fear or perhaps joyful curiosity. No matter your family origin story, your ancestors DNA still flows through your blood and bones. To understand more deeply the lands and people you are descended from is to do the important work of becoming a good ancestor yourself. Allow me to share my story with you and share resources along the way for you to learn from. Each of us has our own unique story of how we got here, and re-weaving the threads of these stories creates a deeper, more rooted sense of belonging and impact in our lives.

Living Seasonally

When we remember that we belong to the earth and that we, too, have seasons and cycles that affect the ways we move and live in the world. I invite you to join me in aligning your life to the flow of the seasons and to see what shifts you can make in your own life to lessen the anxiety and stress that comes with this culture of do-do-doing. Our ancestors had such a deep relationship with the sun and the moon and the shifts of the seasons. It was their source of spirit, where they could divine what was wise and true. I want us to return to that place of connection with the natural world, and it all starts with knowing your own cyclical nature.


So many of us are craving meaningful connection with fellow womxn (as opposed to the trash-talking, behind-the-back kind of friendship many of us were brought up with). It can feel hard to have real, deep friendships in adulthood. We live in a society that hasn't exactly set womxn up to feel safe in sisterhood, but that doesn't mean we can't cultivate deep and meaningful community in our lives. We just need to remember how to be with each other—not to fix or criticize or compare, but to celebrate and hold up each other as a way to heal.


Helpful Definitions:


Ancestral connection - Engaging in practices to connect with your lineage (those who came before you) going beyond cultural and familial memory. Working with the ancestors, learning their stories and myths, their practices and foods, their songs and crafts provides deep healing in the here and now. Ancestors are also not simply human.  We carry within us the other beings and creatures of this earth—the trees, the stones, the elements, etc.


Womxn - I use this spelling of women to show that my work is intersectional—inclusive of trans, non-binary, indigenous, and women of color who have been historically discriminated against and left out of this healing work.


Sisterhood - The deep and intimate bond between womxn who are committed to healing the wounds of patriarchy that have historically pitted us against each other and taught us that we aren't powerful or wise. To be in sisterhood is to be in devotion to this healing work, including facing the shadows of betrayal and mistrust. Sisterhood is deeply healing and something to be practiced over time to fully feel its medicine.


Grounding/Rooting - The term "grounded" literally comes from electric conductivity directed to the earth. When I talk about grounding or rooting into Mama Earth, I'm inviting you to direct your energy back down to the nourishing soul beneath your body. It is finding your breath again and feeling present and in your body. It calms your nervous system and gets you to connect to your intuition once again.


Medicine (“that’s good medicine”) - Anything in this world can be medicine if it brings you some sense of healing—whether it be emotional, physical, ancestral, or spiritual. To watch a cat sleep in the sunlight is medicine. To take a nice long nap is medicine. To belly laugh with dear sisters is medicine.


Living with the Seasons - Adjusting the way you live your life (your energy output, your to-do list, your self-care, and your outlook) based on the energy of 4 seasons in the wheel of the year. In very simple terms: Winter is for resting and dreaming, Spring is for planting seeds and tending to their growth, Summer is full expression, and Autumn is for harvest and reflection.


Witch/y - My view is that we are all descended from wise womxn who knew how to birth babies, make healing soup, heal wounds, and live with the seasons and cycles of nature. To return to “witch” is to return to this deep understanding that we belong—to our bodies, to the earth, and to our communities.


The Colonizer Mind - An often unconscious mindset of taking without reciprocity (giving in return), whether it be a flower on the side of a path or an entire land.


Decolonization - A lifelong practice of the undoing of colonialism (the process whereby a nation establishes and maintains its domination over one or more other territories) in our bodies, our practices, our mindset, and in our communities. One is never fully decolonized but can be committed to decolonization in an effort to be a better ancestor for the generations to come.


Pilgrimage - A long and winding journey (made physically, in ritual, or inner exploration) made to some sacred place as an act of devotion to your own healing.


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