Well hello

Somehow, through the magic and mess that is the internet, you’ve made it here to this little corner of the world wide web.

Well hello

Somehow, through the magic and mess that is the internet, you’ve made it here to this cozy little corner.

I don't know what it is that brought you here but I have an intuitive hunch it has something to do with belonging.

My life’s journey has shown me that we can remember that we belong—to a lineage, to the earth, to our bodies, and in community.

I help women in their journey towards finding a deeper sense of belonging by connecting with the cycles of nature, ancestral wisdom, working with their hands, and being in meaningful community.

This work is deep and filled with examining and healing what has been passed through the generations:

mistrust, feeling unworthy, addiction to what does not serve us, fear, and oppressive societal structures. We don’t skirt around these wounds, we heal by looking straight at them. If you’re willing to take the hands of your kinfolk and walk through this portal to embrace it all—the magic and the shadow…

…you’ll find a greater sense of belonging.

I wrote a book called Root & Ritual and share stories and conversations on my podcast, Belonging.

All of this within the container of supportive community because while each of us is on our own inward journey, we don’t have to go it alone.

Through all this, I share my own experience along the way—not because there is one way to do this work, but because we are all mirrors for each other

and often what can be said for one may be said for all.

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History over time has separated us from the wild, encouraging us to live in our fenced-in homes, poisoning the weeds that invade our spaces, and denying the ways our bodies ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon.

Many of us feel separated and maybe even a little afraid of nature.

This separation has created a disconnection and anxiety in our bodies and lives where we have forgotten how to work with nature to ground and reconnect ourselves.

Our ancestors long ago didn’t feel that separation, because they knew that the wild was within them. They measured their lives not by time on a clock, but with the sun and the moon and the tides and the seasons. They had a deep familiarity with the stones and the trees and the plants. And I believe this is something we can remember and reclaim in our own lives today, even in this super technological modern era.


When you remember that you belong here on earth, it can raise questions about where exactly you come from. Alive within your cells at this very moment is the DNA of your lineage, a miraculous story of home hidden within.

Each of us has millions of ancestors, and it’s 100% likely that not all of them were well or did kind, neighborly things throughout history. But the fact of the matter is that they lived and now you are alive too, because of them. And doing the courageous (and often fascinating) work of looking back on who we came from can do a lot of healing for what we need now, in the present moment.

To weave a sense of belonging into our lives, we must tap into these ancestral memories that live within our bones and activate our connection to all those who came before us.


We live in a time and system that gives us the signals that we are supposed to do it all alone. We aren’t meant to ask for help, we aren’t meant to lean on support, and we certainly are meant to just keep chasing “success” from inside our fenced-off nuclear family-focused homes and any sign of suffering means we’re doing it wrong.

What a bunch of BS.

So many of us are exhausted just trying to keep everything on track with our families and in our work. We are just so burned out that the thought of reaching out for support or to connect more deeply with our community feels too vulnerable and hard. So we go to our screens and devices and settle for counterfeit connection online, but that doesn’t give us the bone-deep sense of belonging that is our birthright in this world.

It is time to begin unwinding the knots that have prevented intimate connection in our lives. It’s up to us to find sustainable ways to bridge gaps and expand the communities we live in, especially with inclusivity of our trans, nonbinary, and other marginalized sisters (not just “cis-ters”).

When we circle together and reclaim the responsibility of hearing, knowing, and actively supporting each other, we embark on the journey of healing ancestral wounds, creating a ripple effect around the world. We are stopping the patterns of harm and betrayal that have divided us for hundreds of years.


Many women admit to me that they feel unworthy of success, love, and belonging because of the bodies they were born into and the family and cultural stories they are working to overcome. And because of this feeling of unworthiness, they shrink into themselves, play small in work and life, and hide their bodies in shame.

As much work as we do to nourish our roots with the natural world, with those who came before us, and with the community that surrounds us, if we do not take a thorough and lasting look at our relationship with our own self, we will rarely feel connected anywhere else in our life.

Join me in the conversation about Belonging by listening to the podcast

Helpful Definitions:

Ancestral connection – Engaging in practices to connect with your lineage (those who came before you) going beyond cultural and familial memory. Working with the ancestors, learning their stories and myths, their practices and foods, their songs and crafts provides deep healing in the here and now. Ancestors are also not simply human. We carry within us the other beings and creatures of this earth—the trees, the stones, the elements, etc.

Grounding/Rooting – The term “grounded” literally comes from electric conductivity directed to the earth. When I talk about grounding or rooting into the Earth, I’m inviting you to direct your energy back down to the nourishing soul beneath your body. It is finding your breath again and feeling present and in your body. It calms your nervous system and gets you to connect to your intuition once again.

Medicine (“that’s good medicine”) – Anything in this world can be medicine if it brings you some sense of healing—whether it be emotional, physical, ancestral, or spiritual. To watch a cat sleep in the sunlight is medicine. To take a nice long nap is medicine. To belly laugh with dear friends is medicine.

Seasonal Living – Adjusting the way you live your life (your energy output, your to-do list, your self-care, and your outlook) based on the natural rhythm of the seasons on the wheel of the year. In very simple terms: Winter is for resting and dreaming, Spring is for planting seeds and tending to their growth, Summer is full expression, and Autumn is for harvest and reflection.

Witch/y – My view is that we are all descended from wise folks who knew how to birth babies, make healing foods, heal wounds and illness, and live with the seasons and cycles of nature. To return to “witch” is to return to this deep understanding that we belong—to our bodies, to the earth, and to our communities.

Decolonization – A lifelong practice of unlearning and undoing the effects of colonialism (the process whereby a nation establishes and maintains its domination over one or more other territories) in our bodies, our practices, our mindset, and in our communities. One is never fully decolonized but can be committed to decolonization in an effort to be a better ancestor for the generations to come.

Pilgrimage – A long and winding journey (made physically, in ritual, or inner exploration) made to some sacred place as an act of devotion to your own healing.

*A Note about my use of the term “women”: This work and this space is open to all expressions of women, including trans, femme, and gender non-binary identifying folk.*

Join me in the conversation about Belonging by listening to the podcast