Snowy Mountains and Mulled Wine – Our Trip to the French Alps

I’m back! Did you miss me? It feels like I haven’t written here in a while, but the time away in the fresh air of the snowy mountains was just what my nostrils (and heart) needed. There’s something about spending an adventure with your childhood best friend and partners that really nourishes the soul. We gawked at stunning mountain views, laughed until our sides hurt, skiied our muscles ragged, and ate enough cheese and cured meat to last us at least a year. Here are a few pictures documenting the trip.

The adventure began in London, where we took a train under the English Channel to Paris. After running from Paris Nord to Gare de Lyon station, we made it to our next train carrying us across the French countryside to our mountain destination in Aime La Plagne. I was imagining myself on the Hogwarts Express nearly the entire time.

We stayed in the little village of Belle Plagne, where we could ski in and out of our flat and sled down the hill for our Apres Ski vin chaud (mulled wine) after a day of skiing. Every morning, before the sun came up, all the men would come out of their flats (bundled up to brave the cold) and head to the little bakery in town to pick up their fresh baguettes and croissants for the day. Tim decided to join in on the tradition, despite being gluten free, which I found absolutely charming. Best croissants I’ve ever had in my life!

The views were totally breathtaking. Looking at these pictures now, it’s hard to comprehend just how vast the Alps really are. I could get lost in them. I felt like I was on top of the world. The skiing was pretty amazing too, I highly recommend La Plagne to anyone looking for a weeklong French ski adventure. Despite all the croissants and cheese, I lost weight on this trip. I’ll take it.

We spent New Years Eve outside under a bright moon drinking champagne and fist pumping with several hundred jubilant french holiday-ers. What a way to bring in 2013. Now I’m back and ready to dabble some more. See you around, friends!

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