A sacred weekend where you will experience the weaving of your ancient wise self into your modern life + remember how to access deep and lasting connection

Early January can be so focused on hitting the ground running and #goalcrushing. But you and I know the truth of living a seasonal life is this: the dream must come before the seed can be planted. This retreat is a space for you to dream in your seeds for the coming year – by remembering your roots and tending to them in a nourishing and communal space. 


let’s come together


let’s deepen our roots


let’s remember our magic


I invite you to join us

January 5-8, 2023 in northern California

We’ll be:

  • Gathering together in circle with new friends under the first Full Wolf Moon of the year

  • Taking space to reflect, journal, and journey together on the dreams taking seed in the coming months

  • Getting our hands into to ancestral folk practices to cultivate a deeper sense of earth connection and belonging

Let me paint you a picture…

Imagine arriving to our cozy yurt gathering space on the soft land under the pine forest. The air is subtly dappled with the scent of smoldering herbs and there’s a circle of pillows around an altar we’ve created together with the flowers and leaves of the land and ancestral items we each brought from home.

The room holds a sense of reverence and belonging as you arrive to take seat. We close our eyes, breath deeply together, and invite in the magic that still lives in our roots.

We’ll spend an enchanted weekend together in a circle of brave, supportive, and loving space—diving deep into the ancient mysteries of the plants and the stones, the way our ancestors once innately knew and lived by. We’ll dream in their wisdom by working with our hands, feel the drumbeat connect us to the thrum of the heart of mother earth beneath us, and weave together the magic each of us brings in a joyful and gentle weekend of connection.

I’ll help you unearth a sense of belonging that goes beyond this lifetime.

This is my magic.

what past participants are saying

“I signed in for this retreat because Becca’s wisdom and work really resonate with me. My expectation was to connect with women who felt really drawn to ancestral healing, to witness and learn from their experience and openness. I also wanted space for me, to find my North again… and found so much more. The warmth I felt from minute 1 never ended. It hasn’t yet. Becca was a great hostess, the team were so attentive and loving, and the food was awesome. The women were so open and wise and unafraid, I felt almost immediately home.”


“I came to this retreat during a season of deep grief after losing both of my parents. My heart was raw and tender and I was nervous about how I would feel in this kind of space. Becca held such a beautiful and welcoming space that made me feel to show up exactly as I was and it ended up being just the magic that I needed. I am so grateful for this retreat and can’t recommend the spaces that Becca holds enough! “


“Becca’s capacity to hold space, to facilitate, to create sanctuary and a sense of sisterhood in the deepest ways profoundly moved and grew me. The circle of women she called in, the guest presenters, and the nourishment provided were a gift to my heart!”


“Gathering at a retreat and in circle with Becca is a magical, grounded, cosmic, non-linear experience conversing with your most exquisite self, surrounded by sisters who are supporting you. I am 100% not the same person I was when I arrived at the retreat. Becca has an amazing ability to weave massive amounts of depth, fun, and wisdom within you in a very short amount of time. The ancestral healing I received was beyond what I hoped it would be and my relationship with my family and EVERYTHING has shifted immensely. If you feel a twinge, a whisper, a full-on ancestor screaming for you to work with Becca – DO IT.”


Where We’ll Be Staying

We will be staying on The Gassho House—a 5-acre, high-end wellness and retreat center on the ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok people. Located in West Marin County in the town of Nicasio, the boutique retreat venue provides sacred solitude with its tall fir trees, outdoor labyrinth and a meandering stream running through the grounds.

We will be gathering to eat in the main house, circling in the exquisite 30-foot yurt, and sleeping in beautifully restored barn, main house, and there are a few glamping tents as well. At night, we can gather around the outdoor fire pit, cozy up on the couches in the main house with a cup of tea, or take a dip in the hot tub.

We’ll circle together in the private, 30-foot yurt (or outside on blankets under the trees, depending on the weather), creating a cozy and sacred container for us to dive deeply into the magical and deep work we’ll be doing together.

With plenty of spaciousness to spread out on the property, you’ll be able to take space for yourself when you need some privacy and downtime. You can go on a walk through the garden for some journaling, find a cozy nook to read or meditate, or take a walk with a new friend to chat about what’s on your hearts.

Your Guide:

Becca Piastrelli


I am devoted to supporting women in reconnecting to a deep sense of belonging through the seasons and cycles of nature, reclaiming rites of passage through ritual, and cultivating meaningful community.

I’m here to hold the most exquisite space for your retreat experience, with the intention to inspire you to come closer home to yourself, connect with you on a deep level, guide you into potent ritual space, and keeping it real with belly laughs and dance parties.

I’m at your back supporting you in stepping into your authentic, wisest self.

Becca On Retreat

Financial Exchange


Shared Room

sold out


You will have your own comfortable bed in a shared room in the main house with a shared bathroom.

Single Room

(1 spot remains) at $2,100 USD


You will have your own comfortable bed in a private room in the restored barn with a shared bathroom.

Glamping Tents

sold out


You will have your own comfortable bed in your own tent with access to a shared bathroom in the main house. These tents will be made cozy and comfortable with electricity, rugs, side tables, an electric heather and lamps.


Flexible, fee-free payment plans available.

You can pay in full up front or choose from a 2 or 3 month payment plan depending on when you sign up.

What it includes:

Lessons and practice in working with the seasons, ritual craft, and the practice of circle

Space to connect to the bright and well ones by creating altars, working with your hands, and singing sacred songs

Sacred space and ritual to connect with your inner knowing and release what you no longer need to carry

Private What’sApp group to connect with fellow attendees before and after the retreat

Creative space to work with your hands and reconnect to the living world

Your own comfortable bed in a shared or private room or glamping tent with shared bathroom in our pine forest sanctuary

Beautifully catered 3 delicious meals per day plus snacks, tea, coffee, and dark chocolate

Welcome gift hand-picked for you by Becca to help you integrate into our time together


Closed - do not use

Who will be attending this retreat?

This retreat is for open-hearted, soulful women (anyone who identifies as femme or female) who are curious about stepping into a more earth-aligned path and are open to the great mysteries held in their ancestral bodies. We will form a close container with the intention of supporting and encouraging each other, reflecting each other’s highest vision of themselves, and holding each other through powerful and deep moments of transformation.

Will I have downtime?

We will absolutely schedule in free time to walk, journal, rest  and chat in the garden throughout our time together. I know from personal experience that these are the moments when we can reflect and integrate what we are experiencing in joyful rest. Spaciousness will be woven in throughout the weekend.

What are your COVID policies and procedures?

This gathering comes from the deep yearning in our hearts to gather together in community once more after a long period of isolation. I ask that you do what you need to make this experience one that feels good for you, which includes taking a bit of a risk to gather with and trust an intimate group of people. We will be both inside and outside, and masks will be optional. I will have some rapid tests available for folks who want to test after traveling. If you have any curiosities or concerns about this, please reach out to me and I’m happy to talk it out.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

I am unable to offer any refunds for this retreat, so please be 100% sure you are in when you enroll. However, if you are able to find someone to take your spot, I will happily transfer your ticket to them.

I want to go, but am resistant to the money part.

I’ve crafted an experience that will have you feeling deeply held and nourished all throughout a weekend of powerful transformation and ancestral connection. This is why I’ve priced it the way I have. If you cannot make it work, then please do not put yourself in any financial distress and trust that your time to join us is coming.

But if you know, deep down, that your resistance really isn’t about the money and is more about taking time for yourself (away from the family, inbox, and crazy hustle of life), giving yourself the gift of something you’ve truly always wanted, or concern about what people will think of you…remember that you are in charge of how you spend this one wild and precious life. And, I do have payment plan options.