Why Pastured Eggs are Better than Conventional Eggs

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Eggs.  That is why you’re here right?  Delicious tasty fresh eggs.  Have you read Omnivore’s Dilemma? Michael Pollen does a breakdown on pastured vs. conventional eggs and chickens and all that jazz.  Living in Virginia at the time I got all wrapped up in this eggtastic world, andI have never been able to turn back.

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If nothing else, pastured eggs are just healthier.  Here’s a nutritional breakdown for Polyface Farm pastured eggs vs. normal eggs (from this source).

Polyface Farm vitamin E: 7.37 mg
USDA vitamin E: 0.97 mg

Vitamin A: 763 IU
USDA vitamin A: 487 IU

Beta carotene: 76.2 mcg
USDA beta carotene: 10 mcg

Folate: 10200 mcg
USDA folate: 47 mcg

Omega-3s: 0.71 g
USDA omega-3s: 0.033g

Cholesterol: 292 mg
USDA cholesterol: 423 mg

Saturated Fat: 2.31 g
USDA saturated fat: 3.1 g

The yolks in pastured eggs are yellower, the whites firmer, and the shells different.  My lemon bars now look so yellowy orange - not like we're used to, growing up.  There are a few other things like....oh right - my pancakes are a yellowy color.  It’s all in the eggs baby.  Especially when the eating is good in the yard (read: Spring and Fall).  I’m basically a crazy religious egg zealot.  I wanted to show you photos; side by side so you could oooh and ahhh the difference.  See with your eyes this yellow and firm whites I'm talking about.

pastured eggs comparison

I promise you honesty, you saw my messy foyer?  The spring my tomato seedlings failed?  Well friends, August is not a tasty month in the yard and the egg photos were not of my wildest dreams.  I’m still going to show you.  But I also am going to list some other references for you to view. I believe in eggs this way.

Egg ComparisonI haven’t enhanced the side by side photos.  They are the images direct from the 5D, and all lighting etc. in my kitchen was constant.  The store egg is one I stole/traded with my in-laws, and I should have taken more than one.  Unfortunately I can’t photograph the taste.  This chicken life is interesting and unexpected, and sometimes hard, but it’s always always delicious.  I feel good eating the eggs, feeding them to my baby, and giving away little cartons of precious egg packed joy.

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