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I have been begging Lauren to do a post on raising backyard chickens for a while now. Being her close friend, I have had the pleasure of watching her go through the trial and error process of figuring out how to coexist with her feathered friends while also reaping the benefits of delicious, nutritious pastured eggs. Lauren has finally given in - and is doing us one better - by writing a 3-part series on raising your own chickens. Here's Lauren!
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We have some characters on the homestead.  A few very opinionated and personality filled ladies.  Let's just start this with the fact that I always told my husband I wanted a jack russell pup and chickens - he knew.  There was full disclosure.  And yet he was still surprised when I got a puppy. Then we "discussed" having chickens for probably 2 full years before procurement finally took place.

He said no baby chicks.  They tend to die, are usually a mess and don't provide eggs.

Making eggs.  That was my argument.

After going to college in Virginia, I got very into farm eggs through visiting farmers markets and local farms.  They taste better.  They do.  Also, they are better for you and have more good stuff (like omegas) and less bad stuff (like cholesterol).  I was hooked.  At one point I was shamelessly paying $9 a dozen for eggs. Raising our own chickens would be better for our wallets, frankly.

So now we have chickens.  The husband has come around and lovingly refers to them as "his girls" or "the ladies" and is quite active in letting them out, filling their water and being rooster.

Yes, he's the rooster. Things get a little weird when you've got chickens. But I love every second of it.

They roam our little third of an acre, and then house up in the coop to lay eggs and sleep.  We've got a little run attached to the coop so they can romp a little if we are gone for a few days.  It's actually much easier than we thought it would be once we got the set-up right.

They are the perfect entertainment for a warm evening sipping wine on our back patio. We could watch them for hours.

Oh, and the baby loves them!  (see below)

We have fond memories of having our wedding rehearsal in the backyard with the two ladies coming over to visit, cluck, and leave fertilizer all over the lawn.  It really is quite charming.

Right now we have 2 chickens.  Ideally we'd have four but we never seem to manage it. Something happens - we lose one to something or other. It's sad, so we've kept it to just the two. We've had these two girls for quite some time now.  Their names are Ester and Lenore.  Lenore is mean bully and Esther is a terrified skittish thing.  They are quite the pair.

So now that I've formally introduced you to the ladies, next I'll try to answer some questions you may have about raising backyard chickens. If you have anything you've been wondering about raising chickens, let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to address them in the next post. Until then friends!

- Lauren

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