to deepen your roots and bring you home to yourself.


Fanning the flames of your inner creative fire


Trusting your heart and bravely saying yes

Sister, are you ready to reconnect to the courageous, creative and radically real woman you are designed to be?

Are you finished with feeling disconnected from your deeply rooted sense of self? It’s time to get back in touch with the forgotten parts of yourself.

Too many of us are crumbling under the constraints of the patriarchal society we live in.

We work so hard to be “successful”, running on the hamster wheel of busyness and perfection, juggling a million priorities.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

We reject our innate feminine wisdom - suppressing our true selves down so deep inside that we lose our power and intuition... our sacred wisdom.

Here’s where I come in.
I bring you home to yourself.

I believe that in order to be your creatively free, authentic, divinely feminine self, you need a safe supportive, loving space to rediscover who You are. A space where you belong and which lifts you up, inspires confidence, and ignites your ability to stand in your power.

Together (just you and I), we’ll work to shed the mask of perfection to embrace the raw, wild, real woman you are with open arms.

You aren’t meant to do this alone.

You’ve probably tried that, and you did a pretty good job...until realizing you’re exhausted and it doesn’t feel as deeply real as you thought it would.

In our time together I will fan the flames of your creative wisdom and ensure you are cultivating everything you need to thrive.

Through our time together,
I’ll work with you to:

Create the space for you to get centered, quiet, and open to accessing your own inner wisdom and knowing

Release your hold on perfection (embracing imperfect is way more fun!)

Reconnect with the ease, flow, and power of your feminine wisdom

Infuse more creative wonder back into your daily life

Deepen into unconditional love for everything that you are and the brilliance and gifts you bring to this world

Tap into the ancestral wisdom that lives in your bones this very moment

Express your authentic self in the world (without shame, without fear)

Deepen into unconditional love for everything that you are and the brilliance and gifts you bring to this world

Tap into the ancestral wisdom that lives in your bones this very moment

Express your authentic self in the world (without shame, without fear)

I hold all your deepest worries, fears, and desires as sacred. I feel your heart. I clearly see the greatest expression of you and hold no judgement of your past.

My approach is
warm, intuitive, and direct. 

I firmly believe you are a powerful wise woman and all the answers are inside of you. I am here to hold your hand, plant the seed, and whisper “grow” every step of the way.

“Before I worked with Becca, my anxiety had complete control over me. I was newly married and was living in a brand new city. I clung to my husband and hid from the world. I felt alone and the thought of putting myself out there to meet friends was terrifying.  Becca helped me to heal some deep wounds that I knew were there, but I didn't realize how deep they were, and I didn't see them as part of a generational and ancestral pattern.

Since our work together has completed, I feel like a whole new person. I feel so much more confident to put myself out there, whether it's meeting new friends or networking in business. I also feel more confident in friendships with other females, and I don't resort to judging or isolating myself, which were old patterns that kept me safe.

I also appreciate that with Becca we can talk about ritual in one moment, then guilty pleasure TV the next. She doesn't judge, and her ability to hold the space and intuitively pick up what is REALLY going on is incredible."

- Veronica G

What's included

2 private sessions per month over 3-6 months

Delivered either online via Zoom or in person in Mill Valley, CA

These sessions are guided by your desires and intentions for our work together. Here's an example of how we may structure our time together:

During our first session, we'll do a deep dive into a specific area of your life where you feel you aren't thriving. We'll get clear on what's holding you back and what it is you so deeply desire. You'll likely leave with rituals and practices to bring connection and aliveness back into your being.

With each follow-up session, we'll go deeper to unravel the ways you are blocking yourself from true belonging and go through practices to infuse more deeper connection to keep you on your path.

You'll walk away from our time together feeling more creatively free and expressed, and with a deep connection to your inner wisdom.

Unlimited email support in between sessions

I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions you may have as you go along on our journey together.

If you need a...

  • Sounding Board
  • Compassionate, Loving Sister
  • Intuition Whisperer
  • Reminder of your innate wisdom
  • Pros and Cons list maker; or
  • Champagne popping celebrator

you've got this, and I've got you.

Imagine this for a second...

You, walking this earth, boldly expressed as your radiant, authentic self - inspiring every woman you come across to do the same. The ripple effects of this work are boundless.

“Becca provides an incredibly safe and loving space to really dig deep. Her compassionate approach to coaching helps bring trust and ease to your journey."

- Erin G

These results from past clients may resonate with what you desire:

Developing nourishing earth-based spiritual practices that finally fulfills her

Quitting her corporate job to start her handmade self-care product business

Starting a monthly sister circle in her community that she previously thought was devoid of creative, spiritually- connected women

Re-structuring her work schedule to include more time for self-care, leading to significant health improvements

Giving less of a f*ck about other people’s opinions and started sharing her true self - leading to finding and creating deeper relationships with like-minded women

Taking a chance on herself and daring to fail...which she did and it set her free

If you deeply yearn for a similar experience, I invite you to enquire below.

“Becca’s authenticity, gentle guidance and heart-centered support have helped me rediscover my true essence and remind me of how I want to show up in my life. Through soulful conversations, creative prompting and insightful food for thought, my work with Becca has reconnected me with living fearlessly and joyfully in my own truth."

- Jen S

How This Works:

If you feel the call to work together, please fill out the form below telling me more about you. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to set up a 30-minute call to connect.

If we decide we're a good fit then I will send you agreement forms and we'll book your first session. I only take 10 clients at a time so I can offer my full focus and heart on your sacred journey. Serious inquiries only, please.

I look forward to working with you!

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