Whether you are entering into motherhood, grieving profound loss, or navigating earth shaking shifts in your identity, moving through a rite of passage can be intense. And, it almost always takes far longer than we would like it to. We need guidance to hold us through the discomfort and unknown of the process. 

And yet, in our modern society, we are bereft of the structures, rituals and elders that can support us in navigating life’s rites of passage. The pillars of support we once relied on have been traded for the myth of individualism, and the belief that we need to go through it alone. 

I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. You deserve to be deeply held, supported, and guided through this liminal experience. 

Private Mentorship with Becca

Threshold Sessions

We all deserve deep, tender support as we move through profound life transitions. 

I am here to be a guide for you in the liminal stage of your identity-shifting life transition.

There are three phases in a rite of passage: separation, liminal, and the return. 

The Return

This phase is the period between the two other stages - the messy middle. We have left one place, but have not yet entered into the next. This can be a deeply uncomfortable space to inhabit, and one which so often goes ignored in our society. 


In this phase, we withdraw or detach from who we once were - sometimes this is by choice, and sometimes this is beyond our control. But there is always a catalyst that sets off a chain of events that tells us that something is changing. We often experience this as a separation from our former self. 


In the third and final phase, we step into our new identity or learn to accept and be with our new experience of the world. We return to ourselves and our seen as changed, even though we have likely changed in ways we could never have foreseen or imagined. 

This rite of passage model is based on the work of the ethnographer Arnold van Gennep. 

The liminal portion of the rite of passage journey is often the part that feels most unsupported, and even goes unnamed, in our culture. 

It can be deeply uncomfortable to exist in this realm, and we can often feel lost in our experience of this, no longer anchored to our former sense of self, and not yet sure of what is to come.  

While I don’t have a magic wand that can swiftly shift you out of the Liminal and into the Return, I can tenderly guide you on your journey through this in-between world you find yourself in. 

I have been there before myself, many times over, and I have learned a handful of things that I trust will hold you steady, through to the other side. 

In the liminal stage, we cannot go back to who we were before, but we are also not yet on the other side. 

This may be for you iF:

You are entering into motherhood or have recently become a parent,

You are in the process of moving through an immense loss or experience of grief,

You have experienced a shift in identity and are in the depths of letting go who you once were to reclaim who you are now, 

Your career has drastically changed or you have completed many years of education and are feeling lost in what’s next, or 

You are moving from mother to crone or are navigating menopause/perimenopause. 

An outside eye can help us identify resources we need, but feel shy to ask for, or other logistical shifts we can make to better support ourselves. I’m here to explore and identify what kind of support and changes you can call in to make this threshold journey feel empowering. 


Logistical Support

We’ll have 3 sessions together over the course of 6-weeks.
In these hour-long sessions I will provide witnessing, soul-tending, logistical support, and assistance in ritual creation to help you navigate the life transition you are going through. 

It is essential to our sense of belonging to the earth, to our bodies, and to each other that we mark the moments of transformation in our lives with a sense of the sacred. I will help you design a ritual, or rituals, to help you mark and integrate the rite of passage you are moving through. 

Ritual Creation 

Here’s a bit more about what each of those mean to me: 

Being heard, and held, in your full truth and raw expression of self is deeply healing. I will be here to witness your truth without judgment. There will be space in our sessions for you to speak, freely, and be seen and witnessed in all that you are - the painful and the powerful. 

Often our busy, thinking minds get in the way of what we actually need at a soul level. I am here to help you sift through all that is present, and get to the core of what is real for you. I’ll offer guidance and spiritual coaching so you can speak truths you may have been holding back and make brave choices in your life. 


Here’s how I will support you: 

If at the end of our three sessions, you sense you would benefit from further support, we can discuss the option of adding additional sessions. 

For 3 sessions over 6 weeks, the price is $750 USD (which can be broken into 2-payments of $375).

If you’re interested, click the button below to fill out a form that lets me know a bit more about you and what you are moving through right now. From there, we’ll set up a no-pressure, complimentary consultation call where we’ll chat about you and about me and feel if it’s a good fit.

How It Works & Your Investment

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