Lessons Learned in Solitude

waking up

Last week, I did something a bit unconventional. The Dutch call it uitwaaien, and it means to take a break in the countryside to clear one’s head or, literally, “to walk in the wind.”

I didn’t realize this was what I was doing. I just knew that life was filling me up faster than I could consume it. I was becoming forgetful – and anxious – and sleepless – and maybe just a little bit confused. And all I wanted, more than anything, was to get away. Into nature. Into the mountains beneath the tall, ancient redwood trees. By the wild parts of the ocean where the waves crash fiercely against the weathered rocks. I was craving solitude.


So my social-media obsessed, internet employed self decided to take this message my body was telling me very seriously and got outta town.

And it was the best decision I could have made – for my brain, for my heart, for my body.  Nature and solitude heals, and I knew I had to share this with you. I believe in sharing these experiences with our sisters (and brothers), because that’s where the true connection and transformation occurs. When we are of service to each other – whether it’s by sharing your grandmother’s recipe for chicken noodle soup or the way you coped with overwhelm in life. We all have the tools, collectively, to help each other live healthier, happier lives. And I want to be a part of spreading that.

Things I Learned in Solitude

A Letter to Myself

  • Don’t follow other people’s blueprints. It’s soooo tempting in this world, but blazing your own path just feels so much better. Remember this when you feel like giving up.
  • 9 hours of sleep is what your body wants, that’s just real.
  • Being alone is hard, but worth it when you can finally listen to what you really want.
  • Sunlight heals, not darkness.
  • The sound of the ocean is also unexpected medicine.
  • You are inspired when you put yourself in a beautiful environment. Creativity can’t flow in a colorless prison cell.
  • Start the morning right  -- green drink, deep breaths, clear heart –it sets the tone for the rest of your day
  • Give yourself room to settle in. It can’t be perfect all the time.
  • Don’t be precious.
  • Clarity comes. Believe.

  • Miracles happen in the most unexpected places
  • Food is less of a comfort when you are more aware and loving of yourself. (Proof: downing a bag of kale chips in less than 60 seconds when you thought you lost your phone)
  • Practicing self-care makes your body very happy. Stretch. Walk. Shower outside while looking at the ocean. Moisturize your feet before bed. Massage your desk chair-weakened, sore leg muscles. Take extra long to enjoy your nighttime skincare routine.
  • Be grateful for all the little things like the google maps app, the cottage cat that slept with you while it poured rain outside, supportive friends (new and old), and strong, artistic, & fierce women.

sun peace

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