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Build Your Own Home Apothecary

I just finished putting the final touches on my home apothecary corner in my new home and it is a thing of wonders. Most of my life, I've dreamed of being a medicine woman with my own garden of herbs, honeybees, and an area of my house devoted to crafting healing potions and herbal remedies.

I haven't quite gotten to the herb garden and honeybees yet (stay tuned next spring!), but my apothecary corner is up and running. It's a big change from stuffing bags of herbs into a box in the closet beneath our winter coats and working from the kitchen table (although that worked just fine). This new creative workspace is full of so much promise and nourishing potential.

A few of you have asked what herbs and supplies I keep on hand, and I thought it would be fun to share with you a peek inside my home apothecary. Below is a list of most things I keep on hand.

Mind you, it's taken me 3 years to build up to this so don't let the length of the list scare you. It all started with some lavender buds, olive oil, and beeswax borrowed from a friend. Let your curiosity take you where it wants to go.

Basic Herbs






Elderberries (stock up now for winter cold and flu season!)





Lemon Verbena

Dandelion Leaf


Cinnamon Sticks

Whole Cloves


A Peek Inside My Home Apothecary

Basic Essential Oils





Clary Sage


Tea Tree


Rose (this one can be spendy but totally worth it)

Ylang Ylang





Olive Oil

Almond Oil

Argan Oil

Jojoba Oil

Castor Oil

Coconut Oil (for cooking, lathering, and lubricating)

Shea Butter

Cocoa Butter

Mango Butter

Vegetable Glycerin

A Peek Inside My Home Apothecary


Vodka - for making tinctures and other extractions

Brandy, Whiskey, Port - for making cordials

A Peek Inside My Home Apothecary

Other Odds & Ends

Clays (for skincare)

Raw Organic Honey - (to make cordials and syrups, and to add to teas)

Apple Cider Vinegar

White Vinegar (for cleaning products)

Himalayan Salt

Epsom Salt

Aloe Vera Gel (for cooling after sun spray)

Aloe Vera Juice (the key ingredient to my mouthwash recipe)

Arrowroot Powder (for deodorant and dry shampoo)

Baking Soda

Castile Soap

Vitamin E OilCalendula Oil (I use these every week on my skin)

Rose Water (or you can make your own!)

Witch Hazel

Beeswax (a girl's best friend for salves, chest rubslip balms, and air cleansing candles)

A Peek Inside My Home Apothecary


Coffee and Spice Grinder


Mesh Strainer

Storage Jars of all sizes


Candle Wicks

Deodorant Containers

Lip Balm Tubes

Dropper Bottles

Droppers + Pumps

Roll On Glass Bottles (for perfumes)

Swing Top Bottles

Weck Jars

Linen Bags


Mason Jars

Nut Milk Bag  (for making almond and cashew milk)

*You'll see that most of these links are to my favorite herb company—Mountain Rose Herbs. I also order from Amazon but have found Mountain Rose Herbs to be the best quality products I've come across.

Do you long to hang bundles of herbs from the ceiling and have jars of homemade medicines lining your walls as you stir a cauldron of healing soup over an open flame like our ancestors used to do? Listen to that urge! The work of belonging is to remember the ways of our ancestors and to take our healing and ability to take care of ourselves back into our own hands. Those witchy ways of your great great great grandmothers still live in your blood and bones. Listen to the whispers and keep working with your hands, sister.

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