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Hi, Friend

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve tried on a conventional life.

But, no matter how convinced everyone else is,

you haven’t quite bought into the traditional recipes for success and happiness.


Yet, when you read about the
ancient ways of life, such as....

a little buzz vibrates through your whole being....

whispering to you...hoping you’ll remember..

*smiling to survive at my last-ever corporate job  (where I struggled to be myself)

I heard the whisper too…

but, I come from a line of strong women who had to smile to survive.

*smiling to survive at my last-ever corporate job  (where I struggled to be myself)

A smile and a sarcastic joke are the perfect veneer to cover the shame, discomfort, and trauma that so many generations of women have encountered.

I was born with an innate ability to perform - an intuitive knowing that in order to belong and feel loved, I must make sure everything is OK for everyone (except me). Be a “good girl”, don’t make waves. Live for the praise of others. These whispers were louder for a long time.

I am the child of loving parents who did the best they could, but still - I struggled for most of my life with feeling like I didn’t belong. I often felt separate and excluded, and it cut...deeply.

At an early age, I observed bullying and watched cliques form at school. Even though everything in my body wanted to scream, at times I even tried to fit in with the popular girls just to get a sense of community.

But those compromises never felt good. In fact, they felt horrible.

My desire to belong never stopped

I joined a sorority in college, where I experienced beautiful rituals of sisterhood connection, but also witnessed deeply painful acts of exclusion and deception. The dark side (and beauty) of women’s deep desire to belong doesn’t end in grade school.

Then I joined the tech industry in San Francisco - a competitive, male-dominated culture that pitted women against each other. I saw so many numb their pain with alcohol and food, and shame themselves for crying at the office.

I was told to “calm down” on more than one occasion and was belittled for my creative ideas.

But, nevertheless I became “successful” according to the conventional rubrics. I was at the top of my game as a woman in tech. How lucky! I was told to be grateful for what I had.

...and yet I felt deeply disconnected from myself and doubted that I belonged anywhere.

All the fake smiles, rule following, and performing brought success, but also so much confusion...I was not as happy as I knew I could be. I was not happy at all.

So I asked myself what I really wanted to do.

...and the answer was to start
making things with my hands.

A simple, surprising idea. So simple, I decided to give it a try. 

I started working with my hands - giving myself permission to dabble in what brought me pleasure and joy. The idea of dabbling was important, so I could get creative but ALSO overcome perfectionism. So I could tune out the nagging voice of my inner critic telling me I wasn’t good enough and I would mess it up.

Instead, my inner creative muse (the one that had fairy friends and made art out of what I could find in nature) awoke and it felt good.

But something else was missing.

I didn’t want to do this alone. I realized I still desired a deeply supportive community women to help me grow.

I first experienced the power of sisterhood on a weekend retreat where, after just 2 days of feeling supported and loved for exactly who I was, I found the courage to quit my job and joined a mastermind of creative women that I stayed in for the next 2 years.

Sisterhood has

bloomed in my life ever since.

I realized what I needed to feel safe to explore who I was:

an absence of judgement

Deep Compassion

No one trying to fix me

And the encouragement to express my authentic truth

an absence of judgement

Deep Compassion

No one trying to fix me

And the encouragement to express my authentic truth

This community is filled with women like me. Women like you.

  • Women who are overcoming debilitating perfectionism.
  • Women who feel isolated in their communities and work.
  • Women who are drawn to working with their hands and  talking about history and their ancestry.
  • Women who feel a deep connection to the cycle of  seasons and the earth beneath them.
  • Women who see handwork as more than something  frivolous - but as a deeply ancient, personal, and   beautiful necessity.
  • Women looking at their hands and seeing all the possibilities and stories held within them.

You might look at me and
not be able to see past your first impression:

another upper middle-class woman of European descent talking about ancient feminine ways. 

My ancestry is entirely European. My blood flows with the wisdom of my Norse, Celtic, Polish, and Germanic ancestors. It also contains the deep pain and grief of years of colonization and suppression of the commons.

I’m not afraid to face discomfort, confusion, anger, or judgement around topics like cultural appropriation, unconscious bias, colonizers mindset, and white privilege. I’m no stranger to criticism, sister. I’ve had my privilege shoved in my face on more than one occasion.

I am ready to talk about all of it with you.
I desire to give voice to the darkness.

Because, from an early age, I’ve been drawn to the stories of witches, the rituals of ancient cultures, and the traditions of tribes all over the world.

This is a part of my DNA that I seek to explore and heal - together with you and the women in our creative sisterhood.

Let’s not hide our true natures and shut down our connection to ourselves and the earth for fear of what others may think. In my mind, “witch” is no longer slander. It’s a compliment.

I want to honor the incredibly generous teachers and mentors I’ve had over years, whose lineages I am proud to be a part of, and whose works has inspired my own.

Deep gratitude to Nisha Moodley, for holding me through 2 years of deep unraveling of my old programming and showing and teaching me what it means to be in sacred sisterhood. To Katina Mercadante, whose guidance, friendship, and continued support in our empowerment work keeps me on the path of my true core virtue and digging even deeper into how that manifests in the world. To Liz Migliorelli, whose teaching opened up the portal to connecting with my own European earth-based indigenous roots and with the plants from a deeply rooted space that continues to serve my work in the world. To Rain Crowe, whose teaching supported me through an even deeper integration of our history and how to apply it to my work today. To Lara Veleda Vesta, whose teaching on ancestral connection has helped me go deeper in my own ancestral journey to achieve a gnosis that could only be mine. To Jean Shinoda Bolen, whose book The Millionth Circle has helped guide me in the principles of circle holding.

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