{VIDEO} Manifesting My Dream Community: Exactly What I Did - Becca Piastrelli

This week, I’m changing things up a bit and sharing my heart through a video I recorded for you from my cozy cottage.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really present to deep gratitude for my life and everything I’ve done to create it.

Tim and I are natural strivers. We’ve got big dreams and the drive to make them a reality.

But, as I say in the video below, being ambitious can sometimes put blinders up to all amazing things you’ve already created in life. When you’re focusing so much on the next thing you want to achieve, gratitude for all the blessings and gifts of the present moment can sometimes slip out of view.

So I’m telling this story, not only bring a moment of gratitude and celebration to what I’ve created in my life, but to also share it with those of you who are curious about the steps I took to manifest the warm, supportive, and creative local community I live and play in every day.

(Click on the video below to hear my story of how I cultivated my magical community, including both the esoteric and the practical steps I took).

As I say in the video, it took a mix of focused intention, courageous action, and opening myself up to signs to manifest the relationships and spaces I was desiring in my sleepy little suburban town.

Manifestion = Intention + Action

Bottom line is you are a creator of your own life and all it really takes to manifest your dream community and relationships is the decision to create it yourself.

If I can do it, you can too.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment with your own story of what you’ve manifested in your life or state your dreams and desires to make them a reality.

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