Make Your Own Linen Spray - Becca Piastrelli

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You’ve landed on a post I wrote a few years ago -
back when I was known as The Dabblist and was exploring all sorts of ways I could create beautiful things with my hands. It was a powerful time for me — awakening my creativity after suppressing it for so long — but this space has since evolved to reflect the woman I’m becoming.

Linen spray seems like such an indulgence, I totally get that. I don't usually go to the store seeking it out, but ever since a good friend gave me a precious bottle of linen spray as a house warming gift several years ago, I've been thinking of how I can make it on my own. Turns out, it's fairly easy and makes a great gift you can make yourself.

Combine the following in a pretty glass spray bottle:

2 oz cheap vodka

4 oz water

10-15 drops essential oils (I used rose hip and lavender)

Shake up the bottle before use. I like to spray it in the evenings right before we head to bed. A little indulgence can be a good thing.


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