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I'm a big believer in white vinegar. It has serious cleaning powers. It is the base for nearly all of my homemade cleaning products.  But, while I dig it, my husband (and likely many of you out there) is not a fan of the smell. I'm pretty sure he has a more sensitive sense of smell than I do, but I must honor that. While he has endured the smell of vinegar after every shower  and while washing our produce, I have finally found a way to create a cleaner that harnesses the power of white vinegar with the sweet smell of citrus.

This is what you do. Get a large jar and place some citrus peels at the bottom (I used lemon and oranges). Then fill the jar with white vinegar right to the tippy top. Cover your jar and place in a sunny window for about 2 weeks, letting it ferment. Then, when you're ready to get cleanin', grab a spray bottle and pour in half water/half vinegar-citrus solution. Woop! Happy cleaning!

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