Letting Go of Perfect

letting go of perfect

Last week, I let you know that it’s okay to keep resting in these winter months leading up to the new growth that spring brings just around the corner. For some of you, this may have felt like just the permission you needed to get back to your afternoon naps and slow mornings full of rest and reflection.

But there are likely others of you that felt conflicted.

You fully understand that the earth up here in the northern hemisphere is at its quietest (and you love the idea of aligning your life with the natural rhythm of the seasons), however your ambitious, goal-oriented side can’t quite get down with the idea of resting your tired body a few more weeks and risk “getting behind” in life.

I know that feeling well, sister.

As a recovering perfectionist, I catch myself secretly judging my inability to “keep up” with the expectations I put on myself at the beginning of each year.

I set huge expectations for myself and get started at it in those first few January weeks. I’m going hard and strong – kicking ass and taking names during the week while also maintaining a full social calendar on the weekend…until I’m stopped right in my tracks. It’s usually around the third or fourth week of January when I fall sick with a bad cold or the flu that wipes me out for an entire week. All that pushing through to keep it all together ends up pushing me over the edge and I’m no longer resourced to keep going.

I begin the year with big plans and only last a few weeks before my body says CHILL and I’m forced to re-think these plans of mine. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned about life, it’s to live with more creativity and intention and less fear, force and perfection.

I’ve been loving this process of transforming expectations into intentions.

When I connect goals to an intention or feeling as opposed to an exact expectation (otherwise known as the plan), I’m able to find more fulfillment and less pressure in pursuing it.

This is why I love the combination of intention, flow and creativity. When I am leaning into my creative dabblist side, I am creating space to quiet my mind, hear my heart, and connect more deeply to my intentions. Then the plan doesn’t hold quite as much power over me as it did when I was obsessing over my new year’s goals.

Another beautiful and intentional way to release attachment to a specific outcome is through ritual.

We’re coming up on the first full moon of 2016 this weekend, so this is a wonderful time to craft your own releasing ceremony.

The moon is powerful.

It influences the ocean tides, our own internal cycles as women, the growth cycles around the planet, and so much more. A full moon occurs every 28 days, which is when it’s at it’s brightest in the sky. A full moon signifies a moment in time when you can release and let go of what you’ve outgrown or is no longer serving you. It’s a powerful way to invoke in a new way of being, ceremoniously.

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