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homemade irish coffee

Listen, I know it's summertime and Irish Coffee is more of a wintery time recipe, but I'm here to tell you that you can have Irish Coffee any time of year. And you know why that is?

Because Irish Coffee is awesome and delicious!

So I decided to make my own version, because in my research I realized there are several different ways to make Irish coffee. I actually started to notice that when I would order it in restaurants and get a different version each time. I shall call this version: The Irish-ish Coffee.

irish coffee making


6 oz hot, fresh brewed coffee

1.5 oz Irish whiskey

1 oz Bailey's Irish cream

Freshly whipped cream

french press

I'm a big fan of the French press, so that is how I usually brew my coffee.

Making Irish coffee

I first combine the whiskey and  Bailey's in my mug.

homemade Irish coffee

Then I add the coffee into the mix.

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cream topped Irish Coffee

The final step involves taking delicious dollops of whipped cream and plopping them right on top of your coffee treat. Sip and enjoy!

So, that's my version. Here are a few other popular versions of Irish Coffee:

Classic Irish Coffee: Add brown sugar, remove the Bailey's, and the whipped cream poured over a warm spoon.
Buena Vista Irish Coffee: Uses two sugar cubes, removes the Bailey's, and the cream is lightly whipped and poured over the back of a spoon.
Irish Cream Coffee: Uses half Irish whiskey and half Bailey's, and is topped with a Maraschino cherry.
Bailey's Irish Coffee: Only uses Bailey's instead of Irish Whiskey.

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