Many of us are hearing the call to return to sacred lands.

To gather together and harvest ancient wisdom planted long ago.

Pilgrimage: a journey made to some sacred place as an act of devotion

We'll gather April 30th - May 7th

Honoring the Celtic Fire Festival of Bealtaine, marking the end of the dark half of the year and the coming light and season of harvest.

This is your opportunity to make space and listen to the whispers of your soul and connect with your inner wisdom

Supported by a sisterhood, you'll remember how to be held and open up courageously to your creative energy and share it with the world.

Want to connect to this ancient land right now?

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It is said that, when the time comes, Ireland calls to you in your dreams

- beckoning you to her soft green hills and stone circles.

It happened to me this past spring. I awoke one morning with a deep knowing that I was meant to return there (even though I had never been!) and connect with the ancestors who once walked and tended to that land.

I went on my own personal pilgrimage over the autumn equinox, and it was a powerful experience that had me feeling as old as the stones and as wise as the trees. I knew I must return in the coming spring, bringing with me 14 wise and willing women.

During our time together, we’ll journey to sacred sites to learn about and receive ancient feminine rites from keepers of ancient Celtic wisdom. This is such a unique opportunity - to be in Ireland to greet the coming summer, participate in ancient ceremonies, and connect to the land in such an intimate and powerful way.

When you connect to the land (especially one your ancestors once walked on), you’ll experience a deep sense of healing.

The green hills and stone circles will whisper their secrets, unearthing an inner truth that feels like coming home.

We’ll circle in a safe, supportive, and loving sisterhood, working to heal the ways in which we hide from each other and ourselves. We will go deep, held by the soft and wise mountains around us, to cultivate true alignment with our highest visions of ourselves and the world.

I’ll be leading you through creative activities

inviting you to work with your hands, plants and flowers, and your connection to the natural world to cultivate beauty and meaning. I’ll help you unearth a sense of purpose that goes beyond this lifetime. This is my magic.

Where We’ll Stay

We’ll have our own private retreat center nestled in the Wicklow Mountains known as the Glen of Imaal. It’s just an hour drive from Dublin city, but feels worlds away with its sugar loaf mountains, rocky streams, sleepy nearby villages, and organic gardens.

You will have your own bed in a shared room with luxury linens and ensuite bathroom. We’ll be dining on nourishing, locally-produced organic food made by the in-house chef (who will absolutely cater to your dietary preferences and restrictions).

We’ll be gathering together in a communal space heated by a wood-burning stove, creating a cozy and sacred container for us to dive deeply into the personal and sisterhood work we’ll be doing together.

With plenty of spaciousness to spread out on the property, you’ll be able to take space for yourself when you need some privacy and down time. You can go on a hike to the nearby stream for some journaling or meditation, lay in one of the hammocks in the garden, or take a dip in the wood burning hot tub under the stars.

Your Space Holder
Becca Piastrelli

your retreat hostess, facilitator, and sisterhood keeper.

I’ve dedicated my life and work to supporting women and female identified people to experience a deep sense of belonging through connecting with the cycles of nature, ancestral wisdom, working with their hands, and being in sacred sisterhood.

I’m here to hold the most exquisite space for your retreat experience, with the intention to inspire you to come closer home to yourself, connect with you on a deep level, guide you into potent ritual space, and keeping it real with belly laughs and dance parties.

I’m at your back supporting you in stepping into your authentic, wisest self, while cultivating beautiful sisterhood along the way.

Karen Ward is the resident Celtic and Druidic wisdom keeper who will be leading ceremonies and sharing sacred feminine rites at sacred sites on the land.

She is a feisty Irish woman, proud of her Dublin roots and honoured to live on the sacred island of Ireland. She is a Shamanic Facilitator trained in the Celtic Lineage and Druidic traditions. Karen received a strong destiny call to create Moon Mná Women’s Celtic Circles (pronounced ‘meh-naw’ Gaelic for women) on the sacred Hill of Tara. Her foremothers are from Kildare, a place dear to her soul.

When asked what her dream is for our time together Karen replied:

“I journeyed to listen and open myself to holding our Circle together with the pure power of the mighty cauldron that is my heart. This sacred land is calling to your Celtic soul and my desire is to reveal the fullness of Love in every moment with our sacred work together.”

Price & Payment Options

The price is $3650 for a 4-person bespoke bunk room.

What it Includes:

Accommodation for 7 nights and all organic, local, vegetarian meals

Yoga classes, live music, and hot tub under the stars

Sacred sister circles and rituals on the land and in cozy sacred space

Private facebook group to connect in before and after the retreat

Private excursions to and ceremony on sacred sites including Hill of Tara and Hill of Uisneach

Pre-retreat call for preparation and intention setting

Creative workshops to work with your hands and express your authentic self

Gifts and surprises that are too good to reveal before you arrive!

What it Doesn’t Include:

  • Airfare to Ireland
  • Transportation to and from the retreat center (but we can guide you with this)
  • Souvenirs when we travel to sacred sites and nearby villages
  • Massage treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be attending this retreat? 

This retreat is for open-hearted, soulful womxn who are curious about stepping into a more earth-aligned path and are open to the great mysteries held in ancient lands. We will form a close tribe with the intention of supporting and encouraging each other, reflecting each other's highest vision of themselves, and holding each other through powerful and deep moments of transformation.

What sorts of excursions will we be going on? 

We will be traveling to three different sacred sites throughout the week - all within a 60-90 minute bus ride. At each of these sacred sites, we will be walking the land, listening to its whispers and receiving ancient feminine rites and rituals from our resident Celtic and Druidic wisdom keeper, Karen Ward. Karen shared some of these rites with me on the Hill of Tara on the autumn equinox, and the experience was beautiful and soft, yet profound. The final excursion we're planning will be to the Hill of Uisneach to participate in the great fire festival of Bealtaine - truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Will I have downtime? 

We will absolutely schedule in free time to walk, journal, nap, lay in the hammock, and chat in the garden throughout our time together. I know from personal experience that these are the moments when we can reflect and integrate what we are experiencing in joyful rest. Spaciousness will be woven in throughout the week.

What is your cancellation policy?

Before January 29th: If you need to cancel for any reason, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee.

From January 29th - March 29th: There are no refunds, but you may transfer your paid spot to another woman in your place.

After March 29th: There are no refunds or transfers.

I want to go, but am resistant to the money part. 

I've crafted an experience that will have you feeling deeply held and nourished all throughout a week of powerful transformation and ancestral connection. This is why I've priced it the way I have. If you cannot make it work, then please do not put yourself in any financial distress and trust that your time to join us is coming. But if you know, deep down, that your resistance really isn't about the money and is more about taking time for yourself (away from the family, inbox, and crazy hustle of life), giving yourself the gift of something you've truly always wanted, or concern about what people will think of you...remember that you are in charge of how you spend this one wild and precious life. And, we do have a payment plan.

If you have heard the call

to journey to this sacred land and remember mysteries of life from times past...

...this will be a deeply nourishing, soul replenishing, inspiring journey that will remain in your heart forever.

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