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Homemade Personal Lubrication

Ohh la la, that's right lovebirds. We're talking about making our own personal lubricant today. Perhaps I should tell you how this post came to be.

Last weekend, I was at a girlfriend get-together where we drank wine, custom blended our own massage oils, and had some seriously awesome girl talk. While we were mid-blending, the subject of using massage oil as lubrication came up. What is the best natural personal lubricant?

Before I tell you what it is, let's talk about the icky nasties that are in over the counter lube. It contains parabens which are known to:

  • Cause hormone disruption
  • Kills vaginal flora
  • Decrease fertility
  • Feed candida
  • Cause cell damage

So what's the magical ingredient for natural lube?

Coconut Oil

That's it. Coconut oil. It's a gentle, moisturizing oil that gets bonus points for being antiviral and antifungal so your yoni will thank you for taking care of her.

Plain coconut oil will work, but you can add other things as well. Peppermint essential oil is known to help treat yeast infections, so adding a few drops (just a few!) can take it up a notch.

To make it a yummier experience, you can add a tablespoon of honey and whip it up before applying. Get creative, lovies!

A warning: coconut oil does not mix well with latex condoms. Use polyurethane or other non-latex options instead.


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