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Homemade Hair Gel

This post is in honor of my darling, gel-using husband.

So many of my dabbles have been born out of my own curiosity and have been nearly exclusively just for me. What I didn't realize until recently is that Mr. Dabblist was feeling a bit left out. My first clue was when I caught him washing up with my beloved manuka honey and then ran out of my bottle of facial oil a week earlier than expected. It was time I let him in to my creative projects.

So we started with gel. Tim's a company man, so he runs gel through his hair every morning before heading to work. His precious scalp pores and hair follicles were being slathered in chem-filled nasties from drugstore gel (it takes just 30 seconds for something put on your skin to enter your bloodstream). He needed relief. So I got to work researching an effective and therapeutic gel recipe, and as it nearly always turns out, it's pretty dang easy.

The beauty of this gel recipe is that you can customize the oils you use with it - for aromatherapeutic or bodily needs. For instance:

To balance oily hair, use lime, basil, tea tree, or lemongrass
To stimulate hair growth, use peppermint or rosemary
For dry hair, use chamomile, lavender, or sandalwood
To treat dandruff, use clary sage, eucalyptus, or patchouli

Homemade Hair Gel

Homemade Hair Gel

Place the gelatin in a glass bowl and mix in hot water and stir until dissolved. Aid in the essential oil(s) and stir.

Pour the mixture into the jar, seal and put into the refrigerator to set overnight. The next day, it's gel. I suggest taking a spoon (or a chopstick, like I use) and mix the gel around so it's a bit easier to slather on your hands.

Apply as needed to your hair. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


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