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I'm not quite in the habit of making my own skincare and cosmetics (yet!), but have been using this facial toner over the past few weeks, as we've had some sunny, hot days here in the Bay Area and my pores needed a little calming down. I had to share this because, once again, it's so easy!

how to make facial toner

The ingredients are aloe vera juice (purchased at Trader Joe's) and water, so really it's the aloe vera juice doing the magic here. We all know aloe to be the cure-all for sun burns and cuts, right? Turns out, those anti-inflammatory properties of aloe can be applied to oily skin as well. It's basically an astringent, helping to close clogged pores. I've also read that aloe promotes collagen formation in the skin, which can only be a good thing for my sleep-deprived and sun-worshipping face.

The recipe is 5 parts aloe vera juice to 2 parts water. I used a shot glass to make it easy.

making facial toner

Combine together is a bottle (or spray bottle for that refreshing mist effect), and keep in a cool place.

using homemade facial toner

I apply after a hot day or workout.

facial toner usage

Let me know if you try this out, and what you think! I'm thinking you could add some light essential oils to this concoction like lemon.

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