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Handmade Solid Perfume Locket | TheDabblist.com

This dabble feels so old world—like something our grandmothers would have done for a special occasion. In fact, I inherited a lovely little perfume pot from my great grandmother that still smells like her bedroom all these years later, so I suppose that's what inspired this project.

You can make this with a locket you have already. You can also find one at an antique shop or you can do what I did and purchase the locket online. I've also heard of people doing this with old pocket watches, which I think is super cool.

Don't get nervous at the idea of blending your own perfume. The best way to do is to just get in there and trust your nose.

Handmade Solid Perfume Locket

Handmade Solid Perfume Locket

  • 1.5 tsp almond or jojoba oil
  • 1 tsp beeswax pellets
  • 15-25 drops essential oils (see below)
  • Empty locket

Set up a double boiler. I like to put a glass measuring glass in a 3-inch water bath in a saucepan over medium heat. Pour the oil and the beeswax in the measuring glass and mix around over heat until fully melted. Remove from the hot water bath and let sit for 30 seconds before adding essential oils. 

After you've added the essential oils and mixed it around, pour into the empty locket basin. Let sit until fully solidified, which usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Once solidified, it's ready to wear. To apply scent, rub your fingertip over the solid wax and apply as needed.

Handmade Solid Perfume Locket

Essential Oil Blending

Blending essential oils into a perfume is an excellent way to dabble and tap into your intuition. Don't be scared to play here. You can do bright and lively, fresh and invigorating, or romantic and feminine. It's helpful to use to understand perfume "notes" as a guide. I talk about and list the notes in this post here. You can use 3 notes, 2, or even just 1. I like to make simple rose or lavender solid perfumes, or maybe try some sandalwood (which reminds me of Bali).

The combination I used for this was 10 drops bergamot, 10 drops douglas fir, and 3 drops lavender. Below are some other options to play with:

  • 7 drops jasmine, 4 drops ylang ylang, 3 drops patchouli
  • 12 drops grapefruit, 8 drops cedar
  • 15 drops rose, 6 drops grapefruit


DIY Solid Perfume Locket | TheDabblist.com

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