Sacred Pilgrimage to Glastonbury 2020 - Becca Piastrelli

Many of us are dreaming of returning to sacred lands.

To gather together and remember ancient wisdom planted long ago by those who came before us.

Pilgrimage: a journey made to some sacred place as an act of devotion

We'll gather together at spring’s threshold

on the sacred lands of Glastonbury, the place of mythical Avalon — the Island of Apples and where the ancient ways still live in the stones and waters beneath the soils.

This is your opportunity to make space and work with your dreams to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors and craft a new and better world.

Supported by like-hearted womxn, you'll remember how to be held and open up courageously to who you truly are so you show up with generosity and a fierce heart.

What does it look like to go on pilgrimage with me?

"I think for me, ancestral pilgrimage feels deeply grounding — it connects with something inside me that is always there that I often don’t give my attention to. When I do give my attention to it, old ancient parts of me wake up and make a sort of new and deeply meaningful sense of my life and our world. The deep connection and sisterhood we experienced feels almost impossible to describe. In many ways, I felt we traveled far back in time to a place we had all been together in deeply meaningful sisterhood before. I honestly feel our souls knew each other long before this trip and felt called to reconnect again in this lifetime."


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