Sacred Pilgrimage to Glastonbury 2020 - Becca Piastrelli

Many of us are dreaming of returning to sacred lands.

To gather together and remember ancient wisdom planted long ago by those who came before us.

Pilgrimage: a journey made to some sacred place as an act of devotion

We'll gather together at spring’s threshold

on the sacred lands of Glastonbury, the place of mythical Avalon — the Island of Apples and where the ancient ways still live in the stones and waters beneath the soils.

This is your opportunity to make space and work with your dreams to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors and craft a new and better world.

Supported by like-hearted womxn, you'll remember how to be held and open up courageously to who you truly are so you show up with generosity and a fierce heart.

What does it look like to go on pilgrimage with me?

"I think for me, ancestral pilgrimage feels deeply grounding — it connects with something inside me that is always there that I often don’t give my attention to. When I do give my attention to it, old ancient parts of me wake up and make a sort of new and deeply meaningful sense of my life and our world. The deep connection and sisterhood we experienced feels almost impossible to describe. In many ways, I felt we traveled far back in time to a place we had all been together in deeply meaningful sisterhood before. I honestly feel our souls knew each other long before this trip and felt called to reconnect again in this lifetime."


When the time comes, the land calls to you in your dreams

— beckoning you to its deeply rooted trees and stone circles and burial mounds.

In her book Crossing to Avalon, Jean Shinoda Bolen talks about the quickening that happens when new life stirs within the womb. When the seeker embarks on a journey to a sacred place with a receptive soul, she experiences the quickening of the sacred within herself.

With its deep lore and connections to ancient traditions of Priestesses, Mary Magdalene and the Goddess in her infinite manifestations, Avalon is an ancient holy island shrouded in myth, mystery, and magick. The name Avalon comes from the Welsh Ynys Afallach, meaning the Island of Apples (whose fruit once grew in great abundance — there are still a few orchards at the bottom of the Tor).

According to myth, Avalon was the last realm of the Goddess where women were priestesses, healers, and visionaries. It retreated behind the veil long ago but the timeless wisdom of the sacred isle is available to those with a clear intention and a willing heart.

During our time together, we’ll journey to sacred sites (think ancient whispering trees, stone circles, burial mounds, and sacred springs) to learn about and receive healing from the land and the wise elders who come from it.

We'll have private access to Stonehenge for a sunrise ceremony. This pilgrimage is so much more than a tour of ancient and beautiful places. And it's so much more than a week away with celery juice and sun salutations. It's an experience so deep and powerful, where you will commune with ancient stones and ancestral soils and work with your dreams in ways that our day-to-day western minds have completely forgotten. It's an opportunity to remember.

We’ll also be learning to work with our dreams to reconnect and return to reciprocal relationship with the world. This is such a unique opportunity — to come together on lands that have been journeyed to for thousands of years and tap into the gateways of the greater mystery to quicken your own remembering.

"Since I got back from the pilgrimage, I can’t tell you how many people have commented on how I look different. I feel lighter. I feel better since all the clearings. I feel hopeful."


When you walk on the land (especially one your ancestors once walked on), you’ll experience a deep sense of connection.

The green hills and stone circles will whisper their secrets, unearthing an inner truth that feels like coming home.

We’ll circle in a brave, supportive, and loving space, working to heal the ways in which we hide from each other and ourselves. We will go deep, held by the soft and wise land around us, to cultivate true alignment with our highest visions of ourselves and the world.

You'll be guided on your journey

to open your heart and your connection to the natural world to cultivate beauty and meaning in these times of collapse. I’ll help you unearth a sense of belonging that goes beyond this lifetime. This is my magic.

"The ancestral pilgrimage is so important because we get to heal — not only ourselves but the collective as well. We get to put an end to generations of wounds and stories that no longer serve us. It is important to stand as sisters because we are able to do amazing things when we are together and when we support each other."


Where We’ll Stay

We’ll be staying at a lovely retreat center made from restored seventeenth-century farm buildings just five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, just within the sacred enclosure of Avalon. The centre is situated in a beautiful landscape between two nature reserves; and just two minutes walk from St Andrew's church, which has within its cemetery a yew tree of 1,800 years old.

You will have your own bed in a shared room with ensuite bathroom. We’ll be dining or nourishing, locally-grown organic vegetarian food made by the in-house chef (who will absolutely cater to your dietary preferences and restrictions). We’ll be able to enjoy the traditional sauna and hot tub, as well as the 7 acres of fields and gardens that surround the property.

We’ll circle together in a private gathering space, creating a cozy and sacred container for us to dive deeply into the personal and sisterhood work we’ll be doing together. With plenty of spaciousness to spread out on the property, you’ll be able to take space for yourself when you need some privacy and down time. You can go on a walk through the gardens for some journaling, find a cozy nook by the fire to read or meditate, or take a walk with a new friend to chat about what’s on your hearts.

I’ve dedicated my life and work to supporting womxn in reconnecting to a deep sense of belonging through the seasons and cycles of nature, ancestral wisdom, their bodies, and being in sisterhood.

I’m here to hold the most exquisite space for your retreat experience, with the intention to inspire you to come closer home to yourself, connect with you on a deep level, guide you into potent ritual space, and keeping it real with belly laughs and dance parties.

I’m at your back supporting you in stepping into your authentic, wisest self, while cultivating a deep sense of belonging along the way.

Grandmother Sarah Bicknell will be our wisdom keeper who will be leading dream circles, ceremonies, and sharing ancestral wisdom on sacred sites. She has studied healing and ceremonial work for 30 years is sought out for her intuitive readings, workshops, ceremony, and her soul doctoring practice. She has worked alongside indigenous dreamers as well as in Jungian circles and with Druid dreamers. Her work is about connection, community, ceremony, and respect. Also raised in the Western world, she has lived the loss of disconnection and is profoundly thankful to her indigenous elders who taught her how to re-arrive more fully into her life.

When asked about this upcoming pilgrimage, Sarah said:

“It is such a gift to be invited to intentionally enter the betwixt and between with an intimate group of women. To meet with our dreams, to explore the dimensions of ancient understandings and connect deeply with our indigenous roots of Northern Europe and heal the broken story of Women. Not only to dream in, but also to walk the paths of all those that came before us and gently tap out of the ground the ancient wisdom. This way we become the sacred vessel where the old wisdom meets our present expression of day, in a woven possibility of a new and wondrous integration.”

Payment Exchange to Join this Pilgrimage


{payment plans available with a $500 deposit}

What it Includes:

Accommodation for 6 nights and all nourishing meals

Pre and post-retreat calls for preparation and integration support

Sacred womxn's circles and rituals on both the land and in cozy sacred space

Welcome gift hand-picked for you by Becca to help you integrate into our time together

Private excursions and ceremony on sacred sites including Stonehenge, The Chalice Well & White Spring, Glastonbury Tor, and Avebury.

Private community space and membership to my community, Hearthfire, until May 29th to connect in before and after the retreat

What it Doesn’t Include:

Airfare to the UK

Transportation to and from the retreat center (but we can guide you with this)

Souvenirs when we travel to sacred sites and nearby villages

Massage & other spa treatments

"It is difficult to put into words my experience of being on retreat with Becca because it would not actually describe its power but I will do my best. Being there was a crazy, powerful, intimate, supportive, grounding, and healing experience. I left feeling more connected to myself and more trusting of my own intuition because I was able to let go of expectations I had on myself. I was able to allow the land and Becca to hold me in all of the beliefs that were holding me back from being more of me. I was able to ask for what I wanted and needed without needing permission to do so. That in itself was empowering. She brought in other teachers and planned the coolest experiences, people and places I would have never met or done on my own. It felt special, so incredibly special. She is a special soul and she creates special experiences."


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend this retreat? 

This retreat is for open-hearted, soulful womxn who are curious about stepping into a more earth-aligned path and are open to the great mysteries held in ancient lands. We will form a close circle with the intention of supporting and encouraging each other, reflecting each other's highest vision of themselves, and holding each other through powerful and deep moments of transformation. We will be leaning into the feminine archetypes of Old European myth, so the experience will likely feel more gendered for folks who identify as fluid and are wondering how the space will feel for them.


What sort of weather should I plan/pack for?

In this time of climate change, April is hard to plan for with seasonal changes. We will be there as spring is awakening in the land, so plan to bring layers for chilly mornings and perhaps some afternoon sunshine. As we get closer to our journey, it'll be easier to know what the weather will be.


What sorts of excursions will we be going on and what sort of shape should I be in?

We will be traveling to several different sacred sites throughout the week — all within a 60-90 minute bus ride. At each of these sacred sites, we will be walking the land, listening to its whispers and participating in ceremony with Grandmother Sarah. The land is soft, but hilly, so sturdy shoes are a must. The walk up the Glastonbury Tor is not too steep but definitely will require some breaks here and there to catch our breath. We will honor whatever pace or needs your body requires.


Will I have downtime to relax, reflect, and introvert? 

We will absolutely schedule in free time to walk in the gardens, journal, nap, and chat with a new sister throughout our time together. I know from personal experience that these are the moments when we can reflect and integrate what we are experiencing in joyful rest. Spaciousness will be woven in throughout the week.


What is your cancellation policy?

I am unable to offer any refunds for this retreat, so please be 100% sure you are in when you enroll. However, if you are able to find someone to take your spot, I will happily transfer your ticket to them.


I want to go, but am resistant to the money part.

I've crafted an experience that will have you feeling deeply held and nourished all throughout a week of powerful transformation and ancestral connection. This is why I've priced it the way I have. If you cannot make it work, then please do not put yourself in any financial distress and trust that your time to join us is coming. But if you know, deep down, that your resistance really isn't about the money and is more about taking time for yourself (away from the family, inbox, and crazy hustle of life), giving yourself the gift of something you've truly always wanted, or concern about what people will think of you...remember that you are in charge of how you spend this one wild and precious life. And, we do have a payment plan.

If you have heard the call

to journey to this sacred land and remember mysteries of life from times past...

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