Getting Out Of A Creative Rut - Becca Piastrelli
Awaken Your Creativity

Not too long ago, I was feeling really off.

I was sleeping a lot, watching a ton of Netflix, and avoiding going outside of my home like a hermit. I was also feeling emotionally tender, like I was constantly on the verge of bursting into tears without really knowing why.

I had a lot planned in my business for those few weeks - all focused on channeling and expressing your own, unique creative genius.

I was expecting to do a bunch of writing (talking about creativity), be a guest on a few podcasts (talking about creativity), and teach a workshop at a local creative women’s event (talking about...yep...creativity).

But the honest truth was, in my state, I felt like I had nothing to say about creativity.

I was tired, my mind was often blank, and I was worrying more about the increasingly overwhelming to-do list that was building up in front of me more than anything else. I was in a creative slump, feeling like I had lost all my creative inspiration and passion.

I am the creativity girl! Why is this happening to me?!

It was freaking me out.

One day, I was sharing my woes on a phone call with a dear friend, when she suggested that I listen to my own advice and begin dabbling with my hands again. It didn’t matter how and it didn’t matter what.

Just start dabbling, she said, lovingly encouraging me to set an intention of reconnecting to my creativity by simply playing with my hands and seeing what happens.

That night, I set about calling my creativity back to me by seeing her as a beautiful, wise woman {who wore green and lived in the forest} that I wanted to woo back to me. With this concept of wooing, it felt right to create little rituals that I knew would calm my mind, nourish my body, and feed my soul.

Busy Hands, Quiet Mind, Open Heart.

Here are some of the rituals that helped me woo my creative muse back to me:

I began my mornings with incense and uplifting music, instead of emails and NPR news turned up loudly in the kitchen.

I carried my Creative Joy Journal in my hands (as opposed to buried in my bag) and took any and all opportunities to write in it - from beautiful aromas to inspiring quotes I came across to shopping lists to little sparks of insight.

I dressed beautifully, adorning myself in bright colored clothes I felt good in and the jewelry I usually save for a special occasion.

Mid-morning, instead of getting lost in my facebook feed, I would leave my phone at home and walked to a nearby waterfall. Some days, I sat my booty on a muddy rock at the base of the falls, closed my eyes, and let the sound of the water, and the smell of the earth and trees inhabit my being - getting lost in the experience and seduced by mama nature.

I went to my local craft store and wandered the aisles touching the paper, paints, and ribbons until one of them called out to bring it home with me. One day, I ended up coming back with a bookbinding set and made my first book.

I took my lunch breaks outside on my deck, with the sun radiating its warmth on my skin. One day, I would bring out my watercolors and teach myself how to paint feathers.

I ended my day with a dance party in my living room (usually to Beyonce or Coldplay). ← The big deal about this sentence? I ended my day! Instead of letting it bleed on into the night until my stomach was growling and my eyes started burning from staring at the screen for too long.

And guys….it totally worked! I was an idea factory once again.

The words started flowing from my fingertips on the page.

I was painting. I was mixing. I was cutting. I was gluing.
I was journaling pages and pages every night and early morning.
I felt inspired and on fire.
I was excited for newness. To create something from nothing.

I’m telling you this story because, if you can relate, I want the same for you.

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Awaken Your Creativity

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